Why Is She Popular Again?

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I have a hunch that if most people saw Ke$ha standing on the sidewalk they would drop some change in her cup and keep it moving. I feel this way because when I saw her at a Grammy event I was working, I wanted to do the same. Though I didn’t get a chance (because I didn’t want to) to interview her, I do know what would’ve been my first question: “Where’s your sponsor?”

Even in this video doesn’t she look like she just drank all of the Whiskey and bleach in the bar?

I don’t want to be sued so I’ll just say judging from Ke$ha in person, even into the wee hours of the morning the party don’t stop. For a long time I had no idea who she was. I miss those days because for the life of me, I don’t get the appeal.

Am I getting old or something? Wait, don’t answer that. Of course I’m not getting old. Everyone else is.

That said, really, why do so many like her? I’ve listened to both of her singles. Half of the lyrics she “wrote” don’t sound like actual words. They’re just random songs to a beat. And how does one classify Ke$ha? Is she a “singer?” Rapper? Fergie if she didn’t get past rehab?

Maybe she’s white people’s answer to Lil’ Boosie. White readers, can you clarify for me? Don’t pretend you’re not there. I know you are.

What gets me the most about this girl is that she seems to liken herself to some sort of bad ass. She’s about as a rebellious as an American campaign speech. I read how her Hollywood sign defacing stunt was just that, and I’ve noticed she makes sure she takes on simple targets like Britney Spears.

I read something about Ke$ha digging at Britney for lip syncing. I thought we settled this issue early into the last decade. Why would you pick on a girl on a medicated and court-ordered leash? Leave her be. She means no harm. Maybe that’s why Ke$ha is now back peddling. That makes her not the Lil’ Boosie of white people, but the Keri Hilson.

I see you, Ke$ha.

Speaking of that name, is anyone else annoyed by the way she pronounces her name? Lady, your name is Key-sha. Don’t jack a name then flip the┬ápronunciation, you Lady GaGa for underachievers.

I’m assuming she’ll only be around for about 13 more minutes, but before her time in pop relevance ends I’d really like to know what’s the appeal. Is there a song I haven’t heard or a dance step she’s done that will convince me to give her a chance?

Thus far, I’m not seeing it. As of now I only want to throw Dove at her, not any of my dollars.

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