How In The Hell Can You Believe Anything From Media Take Out?

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There are some things I just don’t ever want to hear from people. Like, don’t ever say, “He ate your piece of chicken.” Don’t even try to play with my emotions with that old catch phrase, “the jig is up.” And I really hate it when someone says, “No, really, he’s straight.”

There’s actually an even worse pair of words you could say to me. As a matter of fact, there’s a strong chance anyone with a background in journalism or even deductive reasoning will be pissed if they hear you quip, “It’s TRUE! I saw it on Media Take Out.”


Negro, what did you say?! And by Negro, I meant nigga. I know, I know: I’ll wash my hands out with soap and cleanse my eyes with a well-written essay as soon as I wrap this entry up.

Before last year when it became somewhat required that I visited the site for work-related stuff, I never bothered to venture onto Media Take Out. Mainly because I knew nine times out of ten the stories were pulled from an ass pretending to be a brain.

If Media Take Out reported that the sky is blue I would assume that the view outside was blood red and God was about to park it and punish the heathens.

That’s just how untrustworthy I find the site to be. They are the Web equivalent of Weekly World News. If you’re wondering, yep, that’s the tabloid at the grocery store that reports about alien e-mail exchanges between the President, the Pope, and Plies.

Before you even dare speak it, I am not “hating” on MTO or Fred Mwangaguhunga’s success.

He’s a guy with no real background in media, just a shrewd businessman with foresight. Good for him and all 270,000 of you who frequent the site because you enjoy it.

That’s my not problem. Although it’s often mean spirited, I get the appeal of the site. It’s funny to some people, and regardless of whether or not people want to acknowledge that they enjoy gossip – the numbers don’t lie.

If you get your jollies from laughing at bullshit rumors to pass a dull workday, have at it. My problem is with those who can’t figure out that more times than not, the stuff printed on the site are lies.

Take for instance this rumor about Beyonce. Now, as a native Houstonian, I know Beyonce’s been pregnant enough times to repopulate the entire city twice over. You know, considering she’s been knocked up ever since the days of Destiny’s Child performing at Worthing High School.

Every single time the rumor is shot down with a hollow point bullet yet for some reason, people wanted to believe that this time oh yes it’s true because Media Take Out reported it.

I’m really not trying to judge. I am a bit baffled is all.

I can’t completely blame the reader. It’s the fault of mainstream media outlets for choosing to suddenly cite a site that looks like it was written by an angry ninth grader.

Even though each and every article listed Media Take Out as the source, people often go by headlines and skim the actual story.

Still, does this site ever actually seem plausible? It doesn’t to me, and that makes me worry about the future. I’m not trying to make this a bigger issue than what it is (rumor about big celebrity + slow news day = lots of press), but I am a bit concerned by the growing number of people easily duped by MTO.

I’m getting FOX News of black entertainment news and gossip vibes.

Say what you want about TMZ, but they’re usually dead on with their celebrity news. Not to mention their copy is simple yet witty and clever. MTO can be funny sometimes – I guess – but often it’s the commentators who make the site…take that how you want it.

I swear, Media Take Out could write:


…and my Facebook timeline would be filled with comments like, “I KNEW THAT HOE WASN’T NO VIRGIN.”

Ya’ll are scaring me, folks.

P.S. The site also steals, jacks, rips, and lifts from various other blogs without giving proper credit. That ain’t right.

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