The Gospel According To Khia

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There are some people out there willing to stand tall, go against groupthink (thank you, Erykah Badu, for giving Twitter and the blog world another term to beat to death) and say, “Fuck common sense! I’m going to say whatever the hell I want no matter how crazy I sound.”

Khia no doubt is one of those people.Khia doesn’t care about whether or not she sounds delusional. In fact, she goes one step further and actually dares to believe all of the crazy talk that comes out of her mouth.¬†She is a hero to all of the batshit crazy people out there who refuse to take their medication.

At the same time, though, every now and then she’s able to articulate a point that actually makes a bit of sense. Such is the case for her comments on Nicki Minaj. Nicki is definitely an actress so while I don’t agree with Khia’s overall point, I do get where she’s coming from. I disagree that one has to be hood to be authentic, but I get it.

However, she’s questioning Nicki’s influence on young girls but this video clip begins with her promoting polygamy for rich people. She said, “When you have that type of money you can have as many wives as you like.” If that’s the case, why is Khia not snatching the cat back from Wayne and mailing it to Mitt Romney? He’s richer than Wayne (well, depending on how big a refund he got for spending so much on that failed presidential bid) and his religion approves of the lifestyle.

Oh wait, Mormons don’t like the colored folk, huh? Nevermind, Khia.

Seriously, though, is that where we are now? I noticed she follows the Steve Urkel guide to love when it comes to pursuing Wayne. She can believe Wayne loves her all she wants, but can she not be on the radio talking about how it’s OK to be some man’s madame for money? She says in the hood you frown upon hoes, but a few minutes prior she boasts of the beauty in being a man’s extra bride for cash.

If we’re talking about selling souls how is settling for a big house and nice things at the expense of a monogamous relationship that big a difference from getting ass injections for attention…that likely leads to getting nicer things?

Or should I be screamed at for actually trying to make sense of something Khia said?

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