Moving On From Mexico

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Everyone that knows me really well says I need a vacation. That’s because as a freelance writer, I’m constantly working to make sure the rent is paid, my fridge is full, and that bitch Sallie is off my testicles. Look, I’m all about U-N-I-T-Y (that’s a unity), but Sallie Mae is turning me into a misogynist.

Not to mention as a freelance writer you often have to take on the role of bill collector. “Bitch better have my money indeed.” See? I just can’t stop saying the word.

With obvious pressures building I’ve decided that I need start trying to enjoy myself a little bit and have an actual vacation. And by vacation, I meant somewhere where I can relax but still have Wi-Fi around me.

Unfortunately, it’s like a recession or some bullshit so my options are not as grand as I would presently prefer them to be. Over the past few months I’m been thinking about my options, but after this clip I know there’s one country I can officially cross off my list.

Honestly, I never wanted to visit Mexico. I’m from Houston. With respect to the El Salvadorians, Columbians, Guatemalans, and other Latin American immigrants in the H, my country ass always felt like I was living in half Mexico, half Negrovillia anyhow so why spend money to be in virtually the same place only with sand in my feet?

Oh, I hope I didn’t sound prejudice. If I did, I’m sorry, but I’m sure my fourth grade homie (whom I later beat up) Gilberto’s mama felt the same way about my kind because she definitely wouldn’t let me in her house.

Back to the subject at hand, Mexico was never my ideal place for a vacation but given that I’m writing this entry in California I figured Mexico is a much cheaper alternative to some other choice vacation staples.

However, between this video and the stuff I’ve heard from my kinfolk and people who work border control, it might be safer to settle for a margarita and fish tacos with extra guacamole. Or sell ass to see bigger asses in Brazil.

I’m not trying to be kidnapped. That sounds about as sexy as a threesome with shame and that ex that played you like Uno.

Now some people will read my rant and argue, “Oh, Mexico is not that bad. My sister’s half-play cousin’s second baby daddy’s little sister went and she had a great time.”

Good for her. I’m not taking that risk.

Mexican drug cartels are no joke and I never needed a traumatized depiction of them on TV to grasp that fun fact.

I mean, given the targets are seemingly only rich people I should be OK for a few more years but I’m not trying to play with fire. I don’t want the need for a cheap vacation to turn into an expensive funeral for my mama, ya dig?

Besides, the guy in the news clip is using that scary distorted voice – you all know that means there’s some real danger involved. They only use that when it’s really, really serious.

Yes, really.

Now that we’ve established I’ll be blocking any emails that encourage me to visit Acapulco let’s address something else that really gets me.

The drug war in Mexico and how it’s affected America inside its own borders is a story that doesn’t really generate as much press as it should. I’m curious as to why that is. We can sit here and waste billions on unwinnable wars in wrong countries under the guise of fighting “terrorism” yet we’re not engaging the people who are literally terrorizing us via surges in gang violence and drug related crimes.

I say this from the perspective of someone who comes from a city that’s noticeably becoming more and more violent.

There are a variety of reasons as to why that is and the violence spans race and ethnicity (oh, yes it does…baybee), but it can’t be discounted that a lot of people are in this country illegally and they’ve brought their bullshit with them.

As anecdotal as it sounds I have relatives in law enforcement and some of the things I’ve heard make me worry. The general population isn’t discussing it because it’s not widely reported.

Drug cartels are shooting at border control workers regularly inside of our own borders.Gang activity is soaring in major cities with large concentrations of immigrant populations.

This is all taking place at a time when drug cartels in Mexico are vocally on some “ya’ll don’t fuck us, we fuck you” shit.

Why we’re all celebrating private insurance companies getting the opportunity to shake me down via government order (yes it’s progress and I’m happy, but c’mon nah, it’s not the single-payer nor public option), there are people out there pushing for real immigration reform.

Though my stance probably counters theirs, I’m for it, too simply because as of right now Juan and KeyJuan are shooting at each other over kilos.

That in turn is making it more dangerous to live in certain parts of the country and most of all, ruining my alternative plans for vacation ideas. We might not be able to settle the drug cartels resort scheme anytime soon, but we could curb some of what’s happening here, no?

To quote Tyler Perry’s words by way of Damita Jo: “Fix it! Fix it! Fix it!”

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