What Are You Doing, Kiely?

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For the life of me, I don’t understand why people who make millions upon millions of dollars catering to a younger demographic suddenly embrace their inner STD basket and create something completely antithetical to what made them a star.

I’ve previously written about ex-Cheetah Girl Kiely Williams’ pro-date rape anthem, “Spectacular,” earlier in the year. I was hoping since that time someone pulled her to the side and let her know that this wasn’t the direction she needed to go in. But no, she’s made a video for this.

I’m not going to insult her small budget. Who doesn’t have one these days? I’m not going to insult her appearance. We all got some ratchet in us.

No, I take that back. I’m definitely going to point out that she’s dressed like one of the Puerto Rican prostitutes that was slaughtered by this cop/serial killer (no Dexter) in that old episode of New York Undercover that I was watching the other day.

This song and video will both haunt her for the rest of her post-Cheetah Girls career.

Why oh why are you laying in bed with black Vigo (yes, that’s a Ghostbusters II reference)?

Based on the lyrical content of the song, why isn’t she filming herself filing a police report?

She could’ve easily filed her report, got the guy arrested and then had her dance break. That might have made me enjoy this just a little bit. A really tiny bit, but that’s the best I can do.

I swear child stars are like those sheltered children who wild out as soon as they leave the nest. Both end up face down, ass up. Both end up usually regretting it.

I’d like to think the girl can have some sort of credible career in her post-Disney world, but this isn’t going to boost her coin collection. Strangely ironic how the one who had KFC lunged at her head is the only one doing anything of note these days.

Good luck with this, Kiely. And yes, I hope he used a condom, too. Insert prayer for her vagina here.

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