How To Emasculate Your Man on National TV

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Even though this video has nothing to do with me personally, why do I feel like she took my testicles, tossed them in a blender and pushed grind with all her might just to spite every man she could think of?

To be fair to her, I can’t even begin to fathom what it must be like to be married with a kid and being the sole bread winner in the home. At the same time, I feel bad for Bill Nye the Science Guy’s cousin in the clip. For those unfamiliar, last year I wrote a blog entitled “The Recession Diaries” for The Root. In it, I chronicled economic news related to the recession while also publishing letters written by individuals currently drowning from it.

One of the more popular posts I did was on the concept of the “Mr. Mom.” In fact, I did quite a few posts on how black men, blue collar white workers, and even some college-educated white men were all losing jobs at rapid rates. Granted, it wasn’t nearly as bad as the plight of minority workers (blue collar white workers it the most comparable), I got an introspective look at what was drilled into our minds day in and day out int he news: People are suffering.

I read quite a few letters from men who have been laid off there jobs and as a result have been relegated to domestic duties given the crappy state of the job market. Some are relieved, most wish they could work.

But never have I actually seen a man bitched out in this way on national television. Like I said, I get her frustration, but damn, can you not juggle his balls for Diane Sawyer? We get it, ma’am: You are mad.

Mad he’s got no job. Mad he’s not bringing home any money. Mad he dared to put on your apron. Mad he sees your kid more than you do. Mad his punk ass can’t even cook your meal as requested.

Most of all, I get the feeling based on her constant stresses of the traditional gender roles in relationships that she’s pissed she has had to adopt the role of provider. And dare I suspect that she may also be salty that the pigment deficient man she married doesn’t have her quoting Gangsta Boo like she planned.

Hell, looking at this I think I’m ready to marry a woman. OK, not really but this guy who also looks like a nerdier version of Ted Casablanca from E! isn’t really pushing his team. Still, did he deserve to be clowned like this on television?

You can even remove the¬†emasculation angle from that question. Just on the basis of respect: There’s being forthright and there’s being outright rude. I might get it for this, but this woman is definitely reinforcing a certain stereotype about black women. Thankfully, Bill Nye Casablanca is ethering another stereotype.

I feel bad for their child. She’s obviously bothered by the tension between her parents.

So let’s establish the fact that hubby needs to get a job. Yet, when the wife points out the little girl fantasy about marrying a man who will provide for them, my eyes twist it to the left, to the right, to the left, right, left, right.

Mainly because women – black, white, Mariah – are catching up with men in earning rates, and considering they outnumber men in college I imagine they’ll eventually close said gap. Wouldn’t that ultimately lead to an even bigger shift towards women running the home? I’m curious to see where all that goes.

In the meantime, riddle me this: Who wants to bet the bosslady in the clip is probably taking field trips to a motel room to release some of that tension?

Or that she beats him. He looks like a cryer.

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