Yes, I Saw Ciara’s Video

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I was going to avoid mentioning this video because I didn’t want an onslaught of Ciara’s cousins flooding my inbox with declarations that I’m an evil demon sent by Beyonce to soil the reputation of Atlanta’s favorite splitter.

That and I honestly didn’t care enough after watching it. But, since people are asking me if I’ve seen the video I might as well get it over with and chime in.

I don’t hate the video, but I can’t say that I’m in love with it either.

More importantly, I’m not at all convinced that this video will help Ciara return to the stature she earned following the success of her debut album.

Yes, she has a great body. I acknowledge that people are collectively celebrating that body and championing her spreading wide eagle for four minutes straight. Unfortunately, I highly doubt most of those people will spend 1.29 on iTunes to make this song soar to the top of the Hot 100.

And that’s what matters.

I do like the fact that Ciara is trying to go back to the look and sound that made her successful; however she still seems hard pressed to give men a hard on. She wants to be a sex kitten and fashionista — you know, something totally different from what we’ve been seeing.

She can ride a mechanical bull, she pop her muscle butt to the ground like no other yet this a girl whose charm was rooted in not being like everyone else. She seemed like a regular girl and if there was a sexiness to her it was certainly understated. There’s nothing understated about this video.

Some people evolve naturally while others force it. For those that fit the latter description they tend to come across as transparent and desperate. The song is alright, the video isn’t bad, but how far will humping the ground get you these days?

I think my writing homie best summed up my reaction when she told me, “I don’t know, humping the floor, it’s like…get up.”

Or at the very least, try not to hump the ground the exact way you did so seven years ago.

Before I didn’t care if I came across as harsh, but this time I’m trying to choose my words wisely. I don’t think Ciara should continue singing blue balls anthems like her debut single for her entire career.

At the same, though, she seems lost. We already have an artist known for her style and sex appeal…and Rihanna has catchier songs.

Which is why even if you don’t want to join in on the debate on to hump or not to hump, I think most of us who were fans of Ciara when she started can agree that “Ride” is no where near as catchy as her past hits like “Goodies,” “1,2 Step” & “Get Up.”

People will talk about this video for a week or so. The same way they did with “Love, Sex, & Magic.”

You remember how well that did for her, don’t you? A hook can sell music a lot better than sex. That’s why I don’t think any other singer out there is quaking in fear over this.

In fact, if I were Beyonce watching the “Ride” video I’d be like “You know what, let me get an extra order of red beans & rice.”

So in sum, I like the song but watching people do kegel exercises doesn’t really excite me the way it used to. Not sure this will produce the hit she needs.

Edit: Let me just say that certain people may find themselves twirking on the ground to this in their room after one strong glass (you know I mean red plastic cup) of Seagram’s Sweet Tea Vodka. However, that doesn’t mean this song will be a hit. This song makes you want to smash, not go crazy in the club. That difference is important for a dance artist. OK, carry on.

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