Basketball Madams, Mamas, & Maybes

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I know that the bottom line of Basketball Wives is to further boost Shaunie O’Neal’s. Still, for the women who have decided to assist Shaunie in her TV endeavors do they intentionally mean to come across as so unlikable? If not, just what feeling are we as viewers supposed to have about them?

Are we supposed to be envious of their “luxurious lifestyle?” Should we feel sorry for them because they’re often home alone, cheated on, or jilted at the altar? What’s their purpose?

In one instance you’ll find some of these women complaining while in another you here them boasting on what they have via who they boned. Yes, I feel so bad for you because you’re whining about the “lifestyle” then three scenes later bragging on the material possessions that same “lifestyle” affords you.

It’s bullshit like that that has me smiling at a homeless man spending his donations on Jack Daniels over Jack in the Box a lot faster than I do at any point during this show. It’s really hard to have empathy for the obnoxious.

Then again, I do feel a little bad about this woman’s face being cracked by Big Gums McGraw. I love how he told his wife “I’m not selfish” but then proceed to explain exactly he’s a selfish jackass. So this character, Jennifer Williams, married an inarticulate, disrespectful, gum-heavy man who won’t hesitate to play her on national television.

But she eats at the best restaurants, flies first class, and doesn’t want for anything so I doubt this will sad little scene will stop folks from staking out the next NBA draft for prey. Or from Jennifer filing for divorce. That is, unless she can get around that pre-nup she likely signed.

On top of cheating athletes and the credit cards they use to pacify their women with, you see some of those very women pop around on this show with some eerie false sense of entitlement. Or acting curiously sanctimonious like Evelyn Lozada. I saw the episode where she scolded Royce Reed’s naive self for p-popping on stage and how it made her “uncomfortable” because her teenage daughter was around.

I wonder how comfortable that teenage daughter now feels about her mom’s breasts splattered all over the home page of The YBF.

As for Royce Reed, oh bless her heart. And don’t even think to ask: Of course I wanted you to read that in your head with the oldest black woman’s voice you can think of. She sure does “thrust her vagina” all over the place. What a pity that she’s not collecting any tips for it, though.

There’s that other one, too. Uh, the one who thinks her man doesn’t cheat and that her life is perfect. You would think with her sister rumored to be smashing her TV bosses ex-husband she’d have a clue. But some people like to pretend Santa Clause is real forever.

I actually like Shaunie O’Neal and I salute her in cashing those post-Shaq checks, but I’m not sure I can take Basketball Wives Madams, Mamas, and Maybes much longer.

If these ball players aren’t going to put a ring on it, can the producers at least wrap a better storyline around it?

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