I Need Answers

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1. Whatever happened to Aubrey O’Day’s reality show?

2. We’re not really supposed to take the idea of Nicki Minaj and Rick Ross becoming the new Lil’ Kim and Biggie seriously, are we?

3. Why do I get the feeling that 20 years from now Toni Braxton will be wearing this same cat suit in red?

4. Is it safe to say that the Marley’s aren’t afraid to pimp the name for profit?

5. Why is Lil’ Kim starting to sound like Nicki Minaj?

6. Aren’t you happy Kelly Rowland has finally found a sound that works for her?

7. Whose bright idea was it to have Chris Brown perform the national anthem at a boxing match?

8. How likely is it that somewhere right now there’s an A&R executive trying to groom his replacement?

9. Is anyone actually surprised that Rihanna’s domestic tour isn’t selling?

10. Wouldn’t it be nice if the third and seemingly final season of The Boondocks actually get some promotion?

11. For those mad about the constant comparisons between Christina Aguilera and Lady GaGa, shouldn’t they be mad at Christina herself for publicly dissing her after obviously copying her?

12. Based on her reality show, is it safe to say that not even Barack Obama holding Jesus’ credit card stands a chance with Chilli?

13. Paul Wall recently told XXL that he was raised to be an individual, being white didn’t define who he was and that he doesn’t “carry himself as a white person.” Isn’t that a white thing to say?

14. Don’t you wish Captain Planet would bitch slap the people responsible for the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico?

15. Are we ever going to see the video for “Put It In A Love Song?”

16. Why didn’t Whitney Houston’s label give he more time to prep for her world tour?

17. Anyone else in need of a new Keyshia Cole album?

18. Is there anyone left without a reality show?

19. Has Facebook turned into MySpace with better games?

20. Whose new album will we hear first: Lauryn Hill, D’Angelo, or Miss Piggy’s musical tribute to Louis Farrakhan?

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