Playtime Is Over

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Another day another jealous aspiring female rapper using Nicki Minaj to garner attention for an otherwise dead career.

This time up to bat ready to strike out is Gloria Velez. To her credit, Gloria had the video vixen credentials Karrine Steffans exaggerated in her book. However, to her detriment, Karrine Steffans is the one who figured out how to flip her time spent on various video sets into something that could sit on the New York Times best-seller list.

Instead, Gloria pursued a rap career. She’s had deals. One at Cash Money. One at some other label I can’t remember. Ultimately, none of those deals mattered given neither manage to matriculate into her delivering a full fledged album. Shoot, not even first single.

I gather with Nicki’s career soaring Gloria obviously feels a certain way about it in relation to her own failures. It’s just too bad she didn’t save those sentiments for her diary. Gloria cannot rap. At all. Or maybe she can rap, but not come up with a competent diss record.

Whatever the case, this is corny. Embarrassingly corny. In fact, after you listen to this it’s no longer surprising that the sole hit Gloria has ever had was delivered via Aaron Hall’s semen.

Gloria’s a pretty girl and I’m sure her potty mouth has worked to her at advantage in certain places. The studio doesn’t seem to be among them. At this point everyone and their favorite video girl from ten years ago is throwing shade at Nicki Minaj’s way.

Although I get why she won’t respond to each and every person looking to milk her press for their own self-gain, I wish Nicki would drop the Barbie act just for a second and light these people up. I often find contrived beef rather corny, but considering the rampant opinions floating around I think it’s about time Nicki take it back to her earlier mixtape days and respond.

It might actually help her career given the largely tepid response to her debut solo single. C’mon nah, Nicki. Say something. If not, I have a feeling the lil’ sassy girl from Positive K’s “I Got A Man” will crawl up from under rock with her own Nicki Minaj diss record.

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