Big Momma Thang

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I think it’s about time YouTube gives their videos the 3D treatment, don’t you think?

I’m quite certain many of you are currently thinking: Jesus be a broken Internet connection.

Normally, that would be my reaction, too, but it’s something about this video. Maybe it’s the way she rolls her rolls, but I don’t want to be mean right now. Well, not that mean at least.

I’ve been reading about this supposed Ciara ban by BET. I tend not to believe video ban rumors and usually dismiss them as transparent attempts to drum up press about a given project. But you know, I’m perceived as such a Ciara basher that I don’t want to continue to act as if I curse the day she watched her first MC Hammer video.

Actually, I want to give her a compliment: I like a lot of the new material I’ve heard from her thus far. Songs like “I Run It” and especially “This Is What Love Is” make me consider buying her album. That is, should they make the final cut.

Have I changed my mind about the “Ride” video? Hell no, it’s still not going to do anything for the single. Based on how it’s been performing, I’m right in that respect.

However, two points for Ciara inspiring people to get their body roll on. I may or may not have one night found myself dropping it in front of my homegirl when she came to visit after a couple of alcohol-infused Arnold Palmers. If you’re curious, yes it might have been made with Seagram’s Sweet Tea Vodka and Simply Lemonade. No, she didn’t leave a tip. Unfortunately.

I was smart enough not to record myself, but hey, maybe this girl is just trying give her shape some shine.

And obviously, Ciara has inspired her to exercise. Move that body around, sweat some excess off and be comfortable in her own skin. Hoe shit with a heart, if you will.

She may be a little ashy, but that’s besides the point. Whether or not her video is getting as many spins on TV as people think it should, it’s obviously still making its mark. CiCi stans, stand up.

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