Cowards & Stacks

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Let me just say that I would rather use my dick as a tennis racket than hold a conversation with Kat Stacks. Her slurred speech, deluded sense of self-importance that’s fueled by antics that suggests she actually has no self-worth, along with her obvious dreams to be the illiterate world’s answer to Karrine Steffans all irk the living hell out of me.

And don’t get me started on how whatever ass shots she got injected into her have given her what looks like a booty in the shape of a dented mushroom. There are trannies with more believable female body parts. She would know, she uses the same doctor.

All that shade aside, when I saw this video of her being slapped by men thrice her size, I was disgusted. As I’ve made it perfectly clear several times over I do not condone domestic violence so you can imagine how I feel about men assaulting a woman. What sickened me even more was the round of applause these men got from a select group of people.

Well, mainly from other men.

Some people spoke on “karma.” Karma is one of those terms people like to repeat without actually having any knowledge about it. You know, like love, God, friendship, or gumbo.

Kat Stacks being attacked my men isn’t karma. It’s gossip being punished by violence. The end. Stop trying to attribute it to something considered “deeper” in order to excuse your amusement by a defenseless woman being attacked by a man.

What further disappoints me is that based on what I saw on Twitter, a lot of gay men have had a laissez-faire attitude towards a woman being beaten. Or at least, a lot of the gay black men who fill my timeline. It’s yet another glowing example of how misogyny spans sexual orientation — even if that same misogyny is routinely used against gay men.

The men who attacked Kat Stacks did so out of retaliation for her gossip mongering. I get that, but I also think these men felt that because she’s a woman, they think she’s beneath them. It’s much easier to physically attack someone when you think they’re below you. You’re preying on their perceived weakness.

Considering most homophobia is rooted in the hatred of women, it’s fair to say real punks like these men look to people like me to as a punk. I don’t think gay men are like women, but I do realize how often the two are grouped together in terms of how hypermasculinity dictates that we collectively are “less than.”

That’s why I ideally, I’d like to imagine gay men having a bit more understanding about why it’s not OK to beat on a woman. Although the notion of meshing fluids with a female makes my stomach do the jerk, I really do have a great appreciation for women. I totally got GaGa when she told Larry King yesterday, “Gay men never wanted anything from me but my friendship.”

It’s really unfortunate to find there are still many gay men who pick up on the same bad habits of their wannabe hypermasculine supposedly heterosexual brethren. I say supposedly because the biggest irony of this all is, these men were defending someone who often acts about as hard as I would with Kat Stacks in my lap.


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