Praying The Gay Away…For 15 More Minutes

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A part of me wants to feel sorry for people like Ted Haggard. This is a man who developed an addiction to crystal meth just to avoid admitting to himself that he would rather bottom for his drug dealer than get on top of his wife. He chose to risk contracting Fergie face in order to be able to look at himself in the mirror day in and day out. That is one impressive case of denial.

Making matters worse was that given his career as a pastor his entire livelihood served as a constant reminder of the tension that lived within him. So, while I did take pleasure in mocking him after he was exposed for the hypocrite that he was, I felt a little bad for him.

That is, until I quickly realized that he was going to stick to his guns even after his ass was exposed for being a big fan of it.

I try really hard to avoid flat out saying what I think about religious gays out of respect. Yet, when I hear about nonsense like “gay cures” via therapy and/or prayer I vomit in my mouth a little. That or I yell out a bunch of expletives.

Earlier in the year, Ted Haggard’s wife, told Meredith Viera on the Today Show:

“Our sexuality is conditioned, and we can be conditioned in any number of ways,” she told Meredith Vieira.

“Ted was dealing with certain compulsions that were unwanted.”

However, through therapy, she claims those compulsions — which she said Ted had suffered from most of his life — were gone.

“But that’s not true for everybody,” she added. “That’s his story.”

His story is that he’s had a history of sexual contact with men — one he paid for and one his congregation ultimately had to cover after a 22-year-old man sued the church saying the then good reverend masturbated in front of him.

In the words of the great Riley Freeman, Ted Haggard, “Nigga, you gay.”

Mrs. Haggard, take off the “gard” from your name.

These two could truly love each other and if they want to continue showing Will and Grace what will BFFs can do so be it.

However, I worry about what they represent to other people out there suffering from similar inner turmoil.

I will give the man the smidgen bit of doubt left in me, but with word of Rev. Haggard starting a new church I’m very weary of his influence on people. Yes, he’s fallen from grace but at one point Ted Haggard was one of the most powerful preachers in the country. It wouldn’t be completely out of the ordinary if he managed to redeem his stature even if modestly — and that could be all it takes for impressionable church loving gays out there.

There are plenty of people in the business of selling his kind of propaganda. The notion that being gay is perverted and if “unwanted” it can be “cured” through comprehensive therapy. I’m sure those “unwanted compulsions” many “suffer” from would be far more manageable if clergymen stopped demonizing homosexuals about their natural urges. But that would be too much like right, wouldn’t it?

I have no idea how this will go, but I see I might not have to wait that long.

Via the AP:

He’s being represented by a Los Angeles-based publicist who says she has promoted reality shows including “The Girls Next Door” and “Kendra.”

Of course he wants a reality show and naturally he filed incorporation papers. He has to save souls with taxation. And I shouldn’t be surprised that the Christian has aligned himself with someone responsible for shows featuring Playboy models.

It all reads as nonsensical and grossly hypocritical. Unfortunately, being nonsensical and hypocritical didn’t stop him from becoming a force the first time. I’ll be praying it doesn’t happen again.

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