It’s A Big Blog Now

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Monday marked the fifth anniversary of The Cynical Ones. Surprise, surprise that I’m celebrating the moment days after the fact. Actually, I had no original plans to honor the moment but then I thought about it — it’s been five years. That’s certainly a number worth celebrating, huh?

It is so here I am.

My very first entry was a post about my very first date with a guy. Only at the time I didn’t specify gender because I was still too embarrassed to publicly state something I knew about myself even back in daycare. Ask me about during nap time. Or not. Bottom line, that entry was pitiful. I only keep it up to remind me to never write anything that awful again.

After I wrote that entry I realized early on that it wasn’t the reason I started a blog. I needed something to help me foster my growth as a writer. Something that – in addition to the college newspaper at Howard – would challenge me. I wanted to get better and I wanted to show people that I was getting better. I also wanted a forum to show off the talent I already had and make connections with people I admired based on that.

A lot of other bloggers started their respective sites around the same time as I did. Some whose talent, wit, and tone have inspired me. Two great examples of this are Fresh at Crunk and Disorderly, and Rich from the blog, Four Four. I still remember reaching out to Fresh on MySpace just to tell her that she was hilarious after I discovered her on Danyel Smith’s now defunct blog, Naked Cartwheels.

My friend, Zenobia, put me on to Rich’s ridiculously great blog a few years later. I’m only now realizing that Rich and I both started our blogs on the same day. Without sounding even mushier than I already do (I hope you’re not vomiting by now), I’m glad to be in great company.

Fresh’s humor makes me want to be funnier and Rich’s wonderful prose makes me want to be able to express a stronger sense of humor in a much more eloquent way.

And both of them, like Angel from Concrete Loop have a great amount of foresight. They were able to capitalize on the growing presence of the Web and act on it. I’ve been around enough media companies to know how many dropped the ball around this time. I sometimes count myself among them.

There are some days where I wish I had paid more attention to my blog and made it into something that could serve as a much bigger commodity. Then again, I know what kind of success I want to have. I just have to persevere and keep striving for it.

Sometimes I still feel like I’m a little beyond in terms of the audience of my blog, but I can’t deny that I haven’t made so much traction from this little space. I’ve made connections with people, I’ve used this blog to hone my talent, and I’ve secured work based on many of my posts.

I haven’t made my rent off the blog directly, but it’s paid off in more ways than one. For that, I’m grateful.

I don’t know who’s reading my blog all the time. I’m not even sure of how many original readers I still have. But, I do know that I really appreciate anyone who takes the time to come here and read what I have to say.

Initially, it was just my friends and random but dope writers I reached out to giving me praise. Now it’s people from all over…literally. The blog may be a modestly semi-popular, but it’s good to know that I’m constantly being told by people that they have just discovered my site and love it.

Thanks to anyone who’s ever linked my site, shouted me out on theirs, put my stuff on Facebook and Twitter. Especially Bomani Jones, Fresh and Kid Fury.

For those of you who have sent me messages and e-mails praising me and my site, thank you. Seriously, thank you. It’s not always easy being a writer, particularly one who doesn’t come from much but wants a lot for himself. There are times when I feel really frustrated about where I am or where I’m not but then I instantly get an e-mail saying everything I need to hear at that moment.

Even write now as I write this I realize that while I’m doing much better, I still have a long ways to go. I hope to be more frank about that on here in the future.

Even if you wrote me just to tell me I wasn’t shit and that I need to break my computer, thank you, too. At least I made you feel some sort of way.

I have some plans in the works for this site. Plans that will hopefully help more people get to know me as a writer and thinker and clown. If you’re wondering, yes, I say clown with as much enthusiasm as thinker.

I want to have my essays and my scripts and everything in between on her to coincide with all that I comment on here.

In the meantime, check out the archives and pass this link around like a cliche on the radio.

Alright, enough of this.

Thank you again.

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