God’s Favorite Calendar Boy?

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I know it’s judgmental, but anyone who kicks off a video by addressing people with “mesdames and messieurs” makes me instantly debate whether or not they’re full of shit. Well, anyone minus the folks who were actually born and bred and France and normally speak that way.

Otherwise, you’re just being fancy. And no, not in that cool way like The-Dream or Swizz Beatz and Drake sing about. That has a beat so it gets a pass. This is far more pretentious and thus annoying — like when Regine Hunter’s mama called her out on referring to her fire escape in such a saddity way on Living Single. Those who watched the show know exactly which episode I’m talking about.

Right, that bullshit. Not cool.

As you can see, 12 seconds into this video and I’m already put off by Grace Jones’ twin brother. It only gets worse as I keep watching.

Ya’ll, this man is a Bishop with a pin-up calendar.

Really, man? What do shots of Bishop Noel Jones snorkeling like he’s on location with Sports Illustrated and imitating Derek Blanks alter ego shoots have to do with the Lord?

It kind of seems like he wants to be worshipped a little. Or maybe I’m just a mean ass heathen who’s throwing shade at a man who’s just using what he got to get what he wants — like tithes.

On the YouTube comments for this video, one good Christian woman lets Bishop Grace’s Brother have it:

This man needs to hurry up and get married! He is starting to shamelessly promote himself – JUST LIKE BISHOP THOMAS WEEKS – these men need to get God-fearing women in their lives so they can stop making these DUMB CHOICES and being so lustful!!!

Someone else is even meaner:

Huh? There’s an image of his face on every month?? UGH. I am tired of IDOLATRY & MERCHANDISING in the church. & why is he wearing that shiny-silk white shirt unbuttoned down to his chest? That is nasty.

Probably not nasty to Donnie McClurkin, but I see their point.

From my understanding, like every good swindler Bishop Noel is mighty popular. Not “Pull Up To My Bumper” popular but enough to get many flocking to his pulpit.

Now gon’ tell me: Who among you are yelling Strange and sending your family members copies of this “Divinity Calendar?”

If so, explain to me what exactly that terms means. Otherwise, I’m just going to think it’s nothing more than a clergyman’s attempt at giving his ego a good boost under the guise of good fellowship?

Feel free to drop a little change in my PayPal account if that last sentence helped you feel the spirit.

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