I Be Stroking

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The other day one of my followers on Twitter mentioned the song “Daddy Stroke” to me saying it’s the kind of song they could see me jigging to. I remember someone vaguely mentioning the song to me months ago but I never got around to listening to it. That’s the problem with being a responsible adult outside of the region with the best dance songs — you miss out on everything. That or maybe I’ve been too busy listening to my Nicki Minaj mixtapes in an attempt to master my fake accent. Spare me your shade in the comments.

I looked the song up and of course there’s a video for it. Now, this video is pretty damn awful. The Party Boyz tried their best to have a treatment — I see there’s a frat story line, a house, some girls, some ass shaking and some daddy stroking. And the song itself is pretty standard contemporary southern dance flair — a familiar beat coupled with some gibberish that I don’t bother trying to make out because everyone knows only the chorus matters in songs like these.

I feel like I’ve heard this song several times before — although I never care because the point of “Daddy Stroke” is to get me to dance, not think. I imagine this dance was inspired by Pop from The Wayans Brothers. You know, when John Witherspoon goes “bang bang bang.” Only this version puts a little twirk and roll into it.

I asked my friend last night if she did at the club back home. She told me no because she’s too old for all of that. Well, I’m not. I read your comments and soon I’ll be working jello into my diet occasionally so my knees will stay with me well into my senior years.


My jig thanks you.

At first, I wasn’t sure how I felt about this dance. Like, isn’t it kind of sad that most of the people who will dance to this song don’t know or don’t even like their daddies? Then I realized I was thinking again and immediately told me ass to stop and save that shit for Janelle Monae.

I will say this, though: I like that the dance is an equal opportunity jig. That is the great thing about the southern dances — they never exclude anyone. In the video you see fat people working off their Frenchy’s and Williams Chicken respectively. Cardio matters.

By the second viewing of this video I was already into it. I’m not sure how much I’m into it, though. Will I cherish this dance the way I do the ratchet? Hell no. But will I like it enough to dance to it in a parking lot like I did the flex (another Party Boyz gem)? Time will tell.

In the meantime, if you know of any new jigs, please drop names and links in the comments section.

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