Norwood’s In Love

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I’m not entirely quite sure what Norwood Young does. I first learned of his existence from Fresh and then after I moved to LA I spotted him at events every so often. Or even around Larchmont playing spades at the sushi place. True story.

More recently, I moved to a neighborhood where he has a home a few minutes away.

You can’t help but spot the house:

See him styling?

So no I don’t know what he does, how he’s able to own a home in such a fancy neighborhood or why I can find videos of him with Loretta Devine and Natalie Cole at his house.

Based on my short time in Los Angeles, I’ve learned not to ask those sort of questions. You’ll never get a straight answer anyway. But, I will say I’ve heard mumblings that he used to sing for a group my mama can’t remember (which explains the T-Lame inspired tune) and that he wants a reality show (naturally).

And that despite his tragic plastic surgery, he’s trying to correct it. Apparently, he was the subject of molestation and other forms of abuse. That means, I’m trying to tip on the tightrope and not insult him or his music video too harshly. You know, because I’d rather not bunk with Chris Stokes in hell.

But, c’mon nah, look at this video. I have to say something.

Such as, where did the man buy that disco dashiki? Was it custom made or did he find that in a thrift shop three days after Studio 54 closed?

The same goes for that Obama jersey. When did dude become a running back for the Houston Texans? Is that a tidbit I missed while watching the preshow to the preshow for LeBron James’ special, The Decision.

He’s obviously a stylish man, so stylish that his date looks under dressed by comparison. A real gentleman would offer her his earrings when such a dilemma presents himself. Keep that in mind sassy but straight (insert a la-la-la-la-la here) men.

Oh and the choreography, God bless him. No really. I almost got up from my chair in excitement. I’ll be doing that the next time I visit the Santa Monica pier — if such a day ever comes.

That said, given my luck, “Na, na, na, na, na, na, na. I fell in love with your first.” will be in my head all day. That means you win, Norwood. You win.

Watch your back, Lionel Richie. Someone is gunning for you.

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