It’s My Blog & I’ll Be Colored If I Want To

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I love when people read the site archives. At least a few times a month I get a comment from a new reader confirming that up until their cousin, co-worker, or Google search results (probably for something nasty, but no judgment) sent them my way they had never known I was alive. It’s good to exist to people, you know?

Hey, ya’ll.

So yes, I love newcomers — especially those who go back and check out what I’ve written previously.

What I don’t always like, though, is that sometimes people go far so back on something I wrote and leave a comment that’s more or less assailing me — usually under anonymity.

These days I tend to go with the feeling that’s it best allow readers to have the last word. But I make exceptions so in this instance, I’d like to revisit an old post and pointed comment made the other day over my use of a certain term and whether or not it makes me some kind of hypocrite.

A year ago, I wrote an entry detailing my inner conflict over whether or not I should continue to support my favorite fast food chain, Chick-fil-A, because of their political contributions in favor of passing Proposition 8, which canceled the legal right of gay Californians to be miserable by way of marriage.

I made my position clear: I don’t agree with the decision, but I really, really like their chicken, their service, and their chicken.

After I devour a sandwich and 24 from nuggets from Chick-fil-A, this is how I’m usually left feeling:

I’m willing to ignore my political beliefs that personally affect me because I really enjoy fried chicken. I know how trifling that sounds, but I owned up to it. The greater point I was trying to make was that there are countless situations where companies take some actions we agree with and others that we vehemently oppose so where do you draw the line?

The company is founded by devout Christians who interpret the Bible a certain way, and as a result don’t support homosexuality. The same can be said about members of my own family who don’t agree with my genetic makeup. Should I not let them cook for me either? Attitudes change over time, so unless I hear of something more severe – like discriminatory hiring practices – I’m still slumming for that sandwich.

That said, I didn’t get the point this person was trying to make with the comment:

“I try not to throw my money behind companies that support any form of discrimination.”

and yet you do.
also, no one has made mention of your use of the word “colored.”
have fun justifying your contradictions. you are a master of appeasing coginitive dissonance.

Uh, I’ve already acknowledged I’ve given them my money. What else do you want to point out? The color of the sky?

Anyway, that isn’t what really got it me, it was the other part of the post taking issue with my use of the term “colored.”

Oh, some of ya’ll don’t like that I use the word “colored,” huh?

For a good year in college, I made the choice not to use the word “nigga.” In fact, I would correct anyone who referred to me as such.

Years ago, someone posed the question of how I could remove the word “nigga” from my vocabulary but still use “coon” to describe certain people and their behavior so freely. At the time I took issue with the comparison but shortly thereafter I revisited the debate, acknowledged their point and started singing the n-word in songs again without immense guilt.

I was over my brief Freddie Brooks phrase after my perceived inconsistency was brought to my attention. I’m not seeing a similar situation with “colored.”

I make a real effort not to offend, and I assume most people get that a lot of what’s written here is in jest.

But if you really want to be offended, I got you.

I’m now tempted to type the most obscene words in all caps in every post. Or film a video of me writing the words down on paper. Slowly. Or I could stage a virtual sing-a-long.

I didn’t know “colored” bothered people. It’s something I picked up from older people. Then again, folks through a fuss over the the word “Negro” being used in the Census (by request of actual Negroes). I can see why some don’t like “nigga” but, Negro means black and well, I am that. And I have a permanent tan — why does Crayola get to have all the fun?

I suppose I should be referring to myself and my black brethren under more politically correct terms like African-American (though some debate that one, too).

Yeah, fuck that.

You would think I drafted a bumper sticker that says reelect Coon/Cracker in 2012.

If something here offends you, you’re within free reign to state such. However, though I know I am human and full of contradictions like everyone else, I’m curious to know how “colored” makes me a hypocrite.

I’ve talked about the use of certain slurs to excuse otherwise lack of imagination, but I don’t recall delivering a speech daring to stab anyone with black power Afro pick for not fitting my ideals of how a black person should act or speak. You mean to tell me I don’t project the fusion of literacy and ratchetness that is my voice well enough?

I’ll still be using the word colored, but if anyone wants to share their opinion, feel free to do so in the comments section.

And of course, keep reading the archives.

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