Is It Safe To Say She Can Be Annoying?

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I’ve been wanting to write this post for months, but resisted because I didn’t want to come across as a jackass. I can’t take it anymore, though. Call me a meanie and say what you will about me, however the fact remains: Gabourey Sidibe kind of annoys me.

Goodness, do I feel better for saying that out loud.

I’ve been reluctant to share that sentiment publicly because Gabourey seems so damn nice. Or at least she did until reports of how haughty she behaves towards fans and reporters alike started surfacing. Then came that TMZ video of her throwing shade to people who approached her for an autograph.

I initially dismissed the reports as some familiar instance of “the evil media” building one up only to tear them down. However, you can only hear one too many stories about a person before you start believing them.

Just today, I got a BBM from a friend who says Gabby was rude to their friend at a Gshock party in New York last night.

The messages read as follows:

“OMG. My friends from NY went to the Gshock party last night and she was there. One asked her for a photo and she replied with an attitude [and said] that, ‘It’s not a picture night!’

He was pissed about her attitude and said, ‘Have you seen you? Technically NO night is a picture night!’

He was drunk, though.”

Well, that fat joke is kind of mean — although I will note that once I began writing this post I remembered that I needed to eat. Wait, I’m not shit for that. I’m being evil and as an ex-fatty myself I normally have a soft spot for those with the softest bodies.

Honestly, I admire how confident she seems despite being morbidly obese. I wish I had the oomph the likes of her and Rick Ross have when I was riding the bench of Team Chunky Hunks. They sure know how to pimp the plump, don’t they?

But yeah, people have propped this girl up and more and more it seems like this bubbly act is just some shtick. An increasingly annoying one that’s becoming quite old.

I don’t want to hear about every random sex symbol she’d like to turn into her sexual chew toy. I almost feel like the people behind those sort of interview questions are secretly playing her. That’s the only reason why I sometimes want to say, you know what, go fat fucking. Then I think about it some more and realize I don’t like when any person talks about their “sexual seductions” too often.

I’m also tired of these, “Ooh, it’s so cool being a celebrity now” stories.

We get it. You’re famous. It’s cool.

Let me point out that I really, really liked her initially once she started doing promotion for Precious. She has a promising future as an actress and despite her size being an obvious hindrance, I hope she continues to find solid roles. I even look forward to seeing her in Showtime’s The Big C.

But yeah, she’s doing the most and I don’t see what reason she has to be rude to fans — especially when you consider that she’s only done one notable role.

I am somewhat bothered with the role the media has played in creating this monster.

Although Howard Stern and Robin Quivers were jackasses for the way they articulated their viewpoints, they were right in pointing out that she’s simply not healthy. But you can’t say anything critical of Gabby without being sent to eternal damnation.

And here I am sounding so evil as I criticize her for being too chipper (while seeming fake about it).

Even right now, I feel like I’m going to hell for writing this blog. Hell that will be a seafood restaurant fresh out of catfish. But yeah, I still feel the way that I do.

Am I alone?

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