A Star May Be Born

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I don’t know Montana Fishburne’s relationship with her father. Since announcing that she was launching a career in pornography, many assumed that the 19-year-old must harbor some deep seated resentment towards her pappy, Laurence Fishburne and that this stunt is nothing more than her attempt to bring pain to him. And yet, Montana says that simply isn’t the case — telling TMZ that up until her pornography press the two enjoyed a good relationship.

That could turn out to be proven false, but until it is I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and believe her when she says that she looked to a sex tape as a launchpad for a successful career.

When I first heard her say this I assumed that she might have grown up with some learning disability that wasn’t treated in time. Her father’s career didn’t exactly start off on a high note (shout to Pee Wee Herman) so perhaps Laurence and her mother cut corners. Maybe they lived in an apartment building immersed in toxins, taught her how to read with a coloring book, let her top her Happy Meal fries with Wite-Out and whatever else might put fear into the hearts of your local CPS worker.

Something that would explain why her brain would allow her to utter such stupidity with confidence. It’s like, “You’re the daughter of an Academy Award nominated actor and you look to Kim Kardashian for guidance on how to be a celebrity?!”

Woman, are you mad?

Days later, I revisited this opinion after penning yet another story about Montana for work and going back to an article I read about Kim Kardashian a week or so ago. The piece focused on her successful transition from sex tape star to whatever you want to call the money making machine that she is. She is, whether you like it or not, one of a kind.

Sure, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie didn’t gain fame off the strength of their talents in nothing, but Kim Kardashian has no famous last name and yet has gone on to effectively flip a sex tape into an empire. Her site is hugely popular, she’s now a television producer, and she gets more press than most singers, actors, and star athletes. Kim’s entire family eats off the attention one tape generated. Oh, and the black butt in a much paler form, but I digress.

Can you properly explain what Kim Kardashian does? Don’t spend too much time thinking about — it’s never mattered before and it never will.

So upon further reflection when Montana says, “I’m impatient about getting well-known and having more opportunities and this seemed like a great way to get started on it,” I can’t say she’s completely amiss for citing Kim Kardashian.

As much as I like Kim, I can’t help but feel a little sad about that.

Ultimately, I don’t think the world will be as kind to Montana as they have been to Kim for a variety of reasons (color topping the list). Still, I could easily see Montana pursue a reality show after the release of her debut sex tape. Then a book deal. Then something else it takes people with abilities years to obtain (if they ever do get it).

She might even be successful in her pursuits.

With ample amounts of cable networks, blogs, and fledgling magazines all needing content to serve a public that simply can’t get enough celebrity gossip, Montana is exactly the type of personality they can look to for a story.

She is willing to spread her legs for fame. There’s no telling what else she’ll do to maintain the little bit of attention she’s already gotten. Sadly, it wouldn’t be surprising if she were rewarded for her efforts for the “fame” she so desperately craves.

This is all a culmination of celebrity-obsessed culture, a declining presence of fine arts programs across the country, and a society that craves sex but refuses to discuss sexuality openly.

Why wouldn’t the barely legal daughter of a famous actor become “famous” off a sex tape considering the times?

Montana might make it as the melanin-enriched Kardashian, she might not though one thing is for certain: She’s not the last girl who’s going to try.

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