Girl, Wake Up

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Let me start off by saying that I’m happy Fantasia isn’t dead. That would really, really suck considering she just got her GED and has both a new album and reality show to promote. Plus, she is somebody’s mama. Speaking of her parental status, while I’m glad she’s safe after an alleged suicide attempt, for the sake of her and her kid I hope someone pulls her to the side and shakes some of the stupid out of her.

That should not to be interpreted as an example of my insensitivity towards those who have attempted or contemplated suicide. Quite the contrary, I understand those in pain and despair. The stupid in Fantasia’s situation refers to the actions that brought her to the moment she felt compelled to mix her poisons.

I don’t know why everyone is following the Alicia Keys guide to love, but I wish someone would send out a bat signal that in most cases it’s probably not in one’s best interest to slurp someone’s spouse.

Already I can hear the jezebel comebacks.


You’re playing with fire when dating someone who is still legally bound to another. Whatever rationale you can conjure up in defense of adultery, I disagree. You need more people — namely those who handle divorces.

For Fantasia’s sake, I truly hope she didn’t really tell her married boyfriend’s wife: “He don’t want you. Maybe the next time that you get a husband you’ll know how to keep him. That’s why he is here with me.”


Anyone who talks like that should come with a side of red beans and rice.

Ya’ll, I sing-a-long to MoKenStef, too, but where are they right now? Probably still using Palmer products to treat the stab wounds some man’s girlfriend and/or wife left in them. If proven true, that statement totally leaves her susceptible to a future suit given that homewrecker law they have in North Carolina and six other states.

On top of that Fantasia’s lawyer had the gall to tell her married boyfriend’s wife, “The fact that she would seek such publicity in a case involving her children is particularly disgraceful.”


Your client has a married man’s name tattooed on her and the wife is the disgraceful one? Heavens to murgatroyd, how many cans of Four Loko did you have before writing that down?

Fantasia has already proven herself to be dishonest when it comes to Antwuan Cook. Initially, she denied knowing him despite his last name being plastered on her body (instead of a marriage license) and plenty of pictures linking the two together appeared online.

After a while she did acknowledge that she knew him, only that he was a “friend.” Now that she’s been called out on it, her manager is releasing statements claiming Fantasia was misled.

The statement read:

Fantasia believed Mr. Cook when he told her he was not happy in his marriage and his heart was not in it. She believed him when he told her he and Mrs. Cook separated in the late summer of 2009. She believed Mr. Cook when he told her he lived elsewhere.

He even took her there. One of Mr. Cook’s most redeeming qualities was his complete devotion to his children. Fantasia fell in love with Mr. Cook and believed that he loved her.

Fantasia and Mr. Cook dated on and off for about eleven months. The pressure of the constant media attention was hard on their relationship. Fantasia gave inconsistent interviews about the status of her relationship with Mr. Cook because sometimes they were on and sometimes they were off.

He goes on to note that, “There is plenty she does not know.”

You don’t say.

This is exactly why you wait until a divorce is finalized before you pop, lock, and drop it on a person.

I can understand the temptation that had to have been there especially if they made a connection. Believe me, Tasie Mae, if Will Smith even shook one of those big ears at me in flirtation in my mind I’d start researching boarding schools for Jaden and Willow.

But you know what, even if I had a signed permission slip from Jada Pinkett Smith to oochie bang bang her husband I know I’d be dead wrong.

Blame the media all you want, however, no blogger, reporter, or radio/TV personality told Fantasia to date somebody’s husband and lie about it. No one also told people in her camp to be so detailed in their statements about her personal life. Not to mention flat out tacky.

Are they really shouting out God in a story about adultery while plugging her album after an apparent suicide attempt?

What works at church lock ins and cookouts doesn’t necessarily work elsewhere.

I really hope Fantasia takes this as an opportunity to see the error of her ways and take heed to the advice NeNe Leakes shared with wig loving mistress, Kim Zolciak: “Close your legs to married men.”

I also pray someone slips her some self-esteem. Girl, you won “The Idol” (please pronounce it the way Tasia’s kinfolk did), don’t you dare try to off yourself over some dude that works at T-Mobile.

At the most I would scrap my knuckles for somebody working at Verizon or AT&T — but only if they gave me the hook up on my bill. Let’s value our hearts and privates better, people.

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