(Me) On The Radio

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As I explained last week, after my most recent Aol News piece on the Tea Party and racism went live, I got the typical flooding of my inbox from conservatives who swear I was going to lead the Black revolution to the sounds of a President Obama speech over a Nitti beat.

But, tucked away in my junk mail folder was an invitation from a conservative radio host by the name of Rusty Humphries who read my column and invited me to speak about my piece on his show. He swore that it was not a “gotcha” interview, but given the record of some of his colleagues, I was suspicious.

Thankfully, the incredibly wonderful and talented author, Mitzi Miller, encouraged me to do the interview. I’m glad I listened to her. Though we didn’t agree on much, Rusty was kind and allowed me to speak my piece in peace. I didn’t know it would be five million people (who likely won’t agree with me) were listening, but it beats screaming at the raggedy (when I was there) CVS on Georgia Avenue.

In the past some opportunities for me to do press about my work were suggested, but never came to fruition. So this is me breaking my virginity. I don’t think I sound like a babbling idiot so I consider this a win. Now, if you think at any point I sound like Soulja Boy raps, let me know and I’ll strip for a speech coach by next Friday.

In the meantime, if you want to hear me you can check out the link below:

Michael Arceneaux Interview, The Rusty Humphries Show by youngsinick

So yeah, that’s that. A producer of the show said Rusty was impressed by what I said and my view of things in the political realm. Go me, I didn’t sound like I was high on Four Loko.

Here’s to hoping I get to do more of this (and TV) and not just with politics (not at all a subtle hint, I know). I know my voice matters. It’s about damn time more people hear it.

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