Much Better, But I’d Still Like A Lil’ More, Please

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In hindsight, maybe last year I was bit too harsh on Ciara. I don’t take anything I said back as I still believe the direction she chose to go in was ill advised and your lack of monetary support to her recent creative efforts proves it. But you know, maybe I could’ve been a wee bit nicer in how I articulated the fact that Ciara was heading down a road to irrelevant island.

I have to give the girl some credit, though, she’s really trying to do whatever it takes to regain her momentum.

She’s put those MC Hammer pants back on and slowed down what seemed like a forced evolution. There’s nothing wrong with pushing boundaries and growth, but you can’t go from Lil’ Jon to Euro pop in two minutes and expect your fans to follow along.

That’s why I’m glad she’s back to a sound that bridges where she was and where she wants to go.

And look, she’s actually trying to dance again versus doing kegel exercises and positions she picked up from reading the Kama Sutra.

That is, for most of this performance clip anyway.

I’m trying to figure out if I’m being too nit picky when I say there’s still something a bit off.

First, let me point out that not many people can be built like Deion Sanders in his prime and out twirk Diamond at her peak.

She makes me feel bad on both levels and for that, shout outs to her, her trainer, and her thigh muscles.

That said, I kind of wish she’d try to do some more challenging choreography in the way Janet Jackson used to.

Obviously, Ciara is not Janet Jackson. She’s actually kind of more comparable to MC Hammer as a performer, but still, while I enjoyed watching this clip she kind of lost me once she got to “Ride.”

She is surely getting it, but why do I feel like I owe her some singles?

I’m all for doing nasty, proactive, drop it low dance routines. I get a special joy whenever I myself drop to the ground and pick it all back up. But, I’m not a dancer. I have rhythm and all that, but if you asked me to do some extensive choreography, Laurie Ann Gibson would likely end up bitch slapping me into submission.

The same cannot be said of someone of Ciara’s caliber, so keeping that in mind, why is she sticking with dance routines that any sexually frustrated gay man can do after one too many Ciroc and raspberry lemonades…allegedly.

I think that more than anything is why I came off so strong on her last year: I just feel she can do more with the gifts she has.

I remember being excited when she first came out. I liked the aggression she showed on stage, I liked the attitude she had in her music, and I appreciated that she was filling a void for music fans left by the death of Aaliyah and the disappearance of Janet Jackson’s creativity (I think she lost it in her divorce settlement with Rene Elizondo).

I really think the younger generation deserves like some grand singer-dancer the same way I had Janet and Aaliyah to look to. With all due respect to my queen, the premiere performer of her generation, Beyonce, she’s more of the Tina Turner and Diana Ross variety.

I just hope Ciara ultimately rises to the occasion and gives me something memorable like this:

Granted, there’s an equal amount of sexuality in this clip as it is in Ciara’s but Janet’s routine requires a bit of skill to execute.
It’s not just something any fast kid can do on the playground when they’re hopped on Koolaid and YouTube clips stored to memory.

Then again, Ciara’s fans seem to love what she’s doing now so maybe I’m just old and should take comfort in the fact that I, too, now have a chance at stardom because I can hum on key and channel my inner stripper with the best of them.

I’m actually now more interested in the album than I was a few months prior so in that respect, Ciara’s winning me over. I just feel she could really go to the level she wants to be at if she put more effort into her act.

Alright, let me go run a lap. This girl’s stomach seriously has me reevaluating my life and fitness goals.
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P.S. Even if you don’t agree with anything I say in this post, just enjoy that “Throb” performance. Better yet, just enjoy Omar in that clip. If you don’t can’t look at that man and understand why I don’t bow before the power of the p-u-s-s-y then there’s nothing else I can tell you.

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