Can You Not Wish Death On Kat Stacks?

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Kat Stacks is a simple, opportunistic, attention starved whore who thinks her crumbling vagina walls, loose jaw, and runteldat style of self-promotion is the key to fame and fortune.

Sadly, she’s sort of on to something. That is, if she were smarter than the average hooker – or at least half as smart as the Mrs. Garrett of tramps, Karrine Steffans. But she’s not so in the end, she won’t get as far as she’d like.

She may host “college nights” in D.C. (what the fuck, Washington) and collect a coin from World Star Hip Hop, but because she’s such an ignorant buzzard the chances of her developing an empire off several rappers skeeting down her throat like Mrs. Eddie Winslow are slim. Her chances of hitting the herpes lottery look promising, though.

With that in mind it’s understandable why so many would loathe such a loud, obnoxious, stupid piece of shit no matter how sad her story is.

Yet, over the course of days I’ve noticed that some people have been doing the most.

It’s one thing to dislike someone who is sophomoric and abusive towards the English language, but it’s another to wish bodily harm and death on a person you don’t even known personally (and yes, it’s bad enough to wish things on a person you actually do know, too).

Yesterday, Katherine Stacks tweeted the following:

I have to say that despite my disdain for her she has a point. She’s probably lying, but if she weren’t law enforcement would take her seriously.

After seeing Carmelo Anthony tweet what was essentially a hit out on her, I myself tweeted and asked what was wrong with him?

You all do realize all jokes aside, things like that can be used against you in a court of law, right?

You know, felonies and all that? Do you men and women really want to end up in jail where some brute will end up wearing you like a pair of booty pop panties over a stupid tweet to an idiot?

An idiot who tweets nonsense like this:

@iHateKatStacks: #LittleKnownFactAboutMe I swallow cum like a pill & make you pay my next bill

Is this who you want to lose to?

I can completely understand responding to her if provoked, but she hasn’t given me any venereal disease so though I may not like her, I don’t want to participate in trending topics centered on her would be funeral.

Seriously, there were people chiming away about her last going away party. What kind of fake ass Addams Family nonsense is that?

I also don’t want to participate in anything related to snatching her cheap wig. The idea of beating up on a woman – no matter how irritating she may be – isn’t something I find amusing.

Why would anyone take joy in that? How twisted are some people? And yes, I’m passing judgment. This site is called The Cynical Ones, not I won’t say anything mean because my auntie said Jesus would cry if I did dot com.

Not to sound overly preachy, but while I think it’s fine for folks to talk about what a slutty, misguided, in need of a hug idiot she is, I’m not sure it’s to wish violence and/or certain death on her via the Internet.

Say she looks like a dick with a face.

Make it known that you hope CPS takes her child away.

Pray to God that God blesses her with a clue.

Speculate on whether or not her vagina wants to run away from home.

You can even tell her that you hope RAID develops repellent specifically designed for her.

Fine. Say all that, but can you please not wish death on her? Or threaten violence? Please. Can ya’ll promise me that?

I find it all nearly as sad as her life.

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