I Need Answers

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1. Does anyone else now have a greater appreciation for Britney Spears’ performance at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards?

2. Why is The Game aggressively humping on this girl like he’s hopped up on Viagra and True Blood?

3. Would anyone be surprised if he turned out to be a repressed bottom?

4. Can someone let the music artists of today know that not everyone needs a mixtape?

5. Isn’t so nice to see LeToya getting along with both Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams?

6. How can people continue to deny Nicki Minaj?

7. Didn’t NeNe tell people to close their legs to married men?

8. As much as I’d love for that pathetic, sad whore, Kat Stacks to go away, wouldn’t another person just like her pop up 20 minutes after she vanished?

9. Speaking of that celebrity cum catcher, if Kat Stacks could actually form a coherent sentence she would be a New York Times best-selling author now, huh?

10. Was this song particularly created for Dallas, New Orleans, and Detroit because I can’t think of anyone else this geeked about Coogi?

11. Is Katy Perry to Lady GaGa what Ashanti once was to Beyonce?

12. Are ya’ll up on K. Michelle yet?

13.  Doesn’t Bobby Valentine look ready to go pride weekend cruising in Atlanta?

14. Can you believe that this is really the last season of The Oprah Winfrey Show?

15. Instead of putting out bullshit campaign ads that no one with a clue actually takes seriously, shouldn’t BP use that money for their paltry clean up efforts?

16. But why does that Justin Bieber with Kanye & Raekwon kind of knock, though?

17. Who’s going to convince T.I. or Chris Brown to hire a speech coach before each does their next movie?

18. How much longer will President Obama keep up this ‘too cool’ temperament act up before he realizes it often does more harm than good?

19. Can Betty White stay with us forever?

20. How often do you go on a celebrity blog and say to yourself, “Who in the fuck are these people?!”

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