I Wouldn’t Say Quit, But…

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“I wish Kelly Rowland would give up.” That’s how my friend reminded me to check out Kelly Rowland’s new video for “Rose Colored Glasses.” If you think that sounds mean, consider other comments I’ve read about the video.

On one message board someone wrote, “She should of just played her position and married Roy Williams.” Another compared the video to a press-on nails commercial.  That person could’ve at least given her Just For Me.

I don’t think the video is bad per se, but I’m more excited about Kelly Rowland’s plastic surgeon than I am her now delayed album.

Really, shout out to the man who designed her the best chest “Bills, Bills, Bills” royalties can buy. I’d still sooner put my mouth on a breast from Popeye’s than hers, but I appreciate a lovely bosom all the same. Gon’ Kelly, work your bra out (say that in the melody of Mary J. Blige’s “Work That,” please).

And that skin, my goodness. If Palmer’s would tape Kelly for an endorsement deal they could fight off that tube of bleaching cream eating away at their profits.

Kelly’s beauty is so prominent in this video that you almost forget that it’s easy to assume that the crew who worked on this production were treated to Saltine’s and Kraft for lunch.


At a time that finds many of us pinching our pennies I’m not mad at the recession-friendly vibe of the video. But, I do think its simplistic concept only further highlights just how dull the song is.

I get that this song is more about catching the attention of white folks for her pop audience, but why is that Kelly can work with the best producers and not get the same results as her peers?

Esther Dean gives Rihanna “Rude Boy” and Kelly gets…this.

What is that about?

Lyrically, it’s fine but the production doesn’t do anything to move you any particular way. It’s okay song from an artist who ought to be wowing you considering this is her third attempt at making an impact as a solo artist stateside.

I can see Kelly Rowland becoming Donna Summer’s grandniece, but I do hope she’s considering returning to her R&B roots as she records all new songs for her now shelved album.

When I think about Kelly Rowland’s biggest solo hits I think about her collaborations with Avant and Nelly.

If you look back to the best she’s sounded vocally and when she was a top-notch performer, I recall Destiny Fulfilled.

I think my absolute favorite songs featuring her are “Obsession” and the 9th Wonder producer Destiny’s Child song, “Game Over.” She should call him and Solange and figure something out.

I actually like “Commander” and “Each Other,” but if she’s really going the dance-pop, I love you Europe route she’s got to push herself harder to make that work in America.

Cracking a piñata open and throwing the confetti at her while she stands in the last free dress she got from Tina Knowles isn’t going to cut it.

P.S. Kelly Rowland was the first artist I used for my mock advice column, “Help Me.”

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