What’s Really Worth Fearing

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Waka Flocka Flame is the type of stupid that can convince an overworked, underpaid, patience-deficient disorder suffering teacher to scream “fuck it” and start selling drugs.

If there ever were a village idiot of hip-hop it would be Waka Flocka Flame. That’s quite an impressive feat considering the overwhelming number of rappers who treat English like their third language. What’s worse is that Waka Flocka Flame knows he’s as bright as a bulb from 1984 and doesn’t care.

He is content with his ignorance.

I was sent this video days ago and was asked to write about it. I initially shied away from it as I’ve already made my feelings about Fozzy Bear’s weirdest inspiration clear. Plus, dumb as he may be he doesn’t really seem like a bad guy.

He’s simple, but not mean spirited – which makes me feel like a snooty jackass for even calling him dumb.

But the second I hear him talk about majoring in geometry and saying “voting good,” it hits me that there’s no way I cannot use this idiot to make an argument against other instances of idiocy.

A few weeks ago, I was with a group of friends and one of their friends brought up the Illuminati.

This is the part where you insert some freakishly scary music to set the mood.

For those of you that have read my previous post about this subject, you know my eyes damn near fell out of my head in annoyance. For the first couple of minutes I bit my tongue and declined to engage in a discussion about something I find so utterly ridiculous.

But it kept going and going until I just had to say something.

I basically asked this guy if really thought some dark, demonic force was trying to control the world through a Lady GaGa record.

Of course he did and proceeded to respond with every talking point that I’m sure he heard from a YouTube video.

I politely tried to offer some perspective.

Between he and more recently, the father of Jennifer Hudson’s murdered nephew accusing J.Hud of sacrificing his son for fame in some Masonic ritual, it’s obvious that many like to create these far fetched theories in order to sound ‘up’ on some perceived dastardly notion of how the world “really” works.

Because you know things can’t simply be the way they are. There just has to be something else to it, which is why every single music video known to man is now dissected and debated. I tried to point out to that guy that I feel as though people like to create boogiemen and messianic like saviors all the time when it’s unnecessary.


Well, if you want to talk about how elites and bad people control the masses, look at the piss poor education system we have. A couple of weeks ago I linked to a piece I penned for Aol News about the pitiful high school graduation rate for black men.

Less than half of black men graduate from high school now.

So, when this guy brought up how dumb the music is making people and that it’s a sign of Satan and George Bush and the Shredder from the Ninja Turtles all working together to destroy the world, I asked him to stop and reflect.

Less than 15 years ago you had the likes of someone like the Notorious B.I.G. who obviously didn’t attend college and major in English Literature, still managed to be witty, verbose, and a great storyteller.

Obviously, the public education system was better then.

It’s been on a rampant decline since, which is why you find more fools like Waka Flacka Flame who treat vowels like bed bugs. I’m grateful for this interview because it highlights something I find myself repeating more and more: Our cultural art forms seem dumber because collectively we’re getting dumber.

So, instead of focusing on something that sounds silly but by chance even were true can’t be solved from any lay person, why not shift the discussion towards something you can feasibly change?

To that end, the next time you come across someone trying to spook you about Casper on steroids attempting to take over the world via a Roc Nation artist, send them this clip and tell them to Google “education reform” to read up on various school administrators’ plans to “save schools” by making students better test takers (versus thinkers).

At this point I’m much more afraid of a dummy than the devil.

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