I Need Answers

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1. How many more men do you think will step forward to accuse Bishop Eddie Long of hitting the daddy stroke?

2. Will someone please tell Ciara that she’s sexy so she can stop trying so hard to convince us of such in her videos?

3. Can Raz-B shut the hell up with this bullshit and sign up with Job Corps?

4. Isn’t it time for some of these R&B artists to stop referring to themselves as such until they make actual R&B music?

5. Who else can’t wait for this dance trend in music to end?

6. In the search of Joy Bryant, one wonders: Has Zoe Saldana stole her willowy black girl steeze? (Thanks, Lauren!)

7. As sad as it is to think about it, it’s not really that surprising to find Christine O’Donnell could be become a U.S. Senator, is it?

8. Does anyone else on Earth have larger delusions of grandeur than Karrine Steffans?

9. Aren’t you happy The Real Housewives of Atlanta is back on the air?

10. What took CNN so long to fire Rick Sanchez?

11. Instead of “No Wedding, No Womb” can we make it, “No Sanity, No Internet Access?”

12. Who is responsible for the nonsense that is Real and Chance: Legend Hunters?

13. Can you believe Nelly has a hit in 2010?

14. Will Khloe Kardashian and Fantasia ever stop speaking in that baby voice?

15. Why don’t any of Nicki Minaj’s solo singles include actual rapping?

16. Why does Keri Hilson make it so easy?

17. Why is Trey Songz acting like such a jackass in his most recent interviews?

18. Is Waka Flocka Flame like the Scarecrow of rap, only he could give a less fuck if he ever stumbled his ass over to the Wizard to ask for a favor?

19. No really, why is Antoine Dodson still around?

20. Forgive me, this area isn’t my forte but is Kat Stacks’ vagina supposed to look like London bridges falling down?

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