Girl, When Did You Become A Superhero?

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As much as I adore Jazmine Sullivan’s voice and songwriting, she hasn’t exactly been an engaging performer thus far in her career.

For me, I often past the time watching her on stage by trying to figure out what muppets she reminds me of. As I wrote years ago on the site, I used to think she looked like Snuffleupagus. Then I thought of the Gorgs from Fraggle Rock. If you don’t remember their names (because I didn’t, thank you, Wikipedia), it’s those big ole’ things that lived outside of Fraggle Rock. Jazmine reminded me of the youngest Gorg.

Anywho, while watching this video it dawned on me that Jazmine also reminds me of a dinosaur. More specifically, she’s kind of like Dino from The Flintstones. I don’t know why I often link people to cartoons (for the record, I do understand why those kids back in my daycare days said I remind them of “Bucky O’Hare”), but I do and Jazmine usually sends my mind a going because her powerful voice has yet to really translate into great performances.

But, I have to say this looks to be an improvement. That is, minus that outfit she’s wearing. She looks like she’s ready to do battle with Batman and sit on him ’til he taps out. No offense to her stylist, but if Jazmine decides to take that crowbar and use it on him or her I wouldn’t condone it — but I’d surely get their rage.

All of these unintentional jokes aside, Jazmine does seem to be trying to be a better performer. And for that, kudos to her. While so many “R&B artists” are making these bland soulless anthems in what’s seemingly a symbolic gesture of fellatio to radio programmers, at least Dino is staying true to a sound that’s natural for her. Plus, she’s trying to step it up instead of just walking around the stage back and forth like she’s more focused on cardio than entertaining.

For those reasons I will buy her sophomore album and just say a silent prayer about everything else. Speaking of prayers, please say one for me. Even though it doesn’t really sound like it in this post, I truly love Jazmine Sullivan’s talent. She just reminds me a bit of Dino, Big Bird’s homeboy, and the Fraggles greatest fear sometimes is all. Let us pray God doesn’t reach out and make my already buck teeth the height Foghorn Leghorn.

That would totally suck for me.

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