Antoine Dodson Told Me

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Last week, I wrote a post about Antoine Dodson using the alleged rape of his sister to bolster his own celebrity and making light of the severity of a potential sexual assault by way of a silly Halloween custom his handlers put on sale. That and along with the other nonsense he’s been up to for many people’s amusement.

As you can see, I guess homeboy told me because now bringing awareness to the issue by way of shilling a sex offender track app.

Indeed, for $1.99 “you and you peeps can be a-whur of those nasty bed intruders in yo hood.” As Antoine explains “how it work,” the little red dots on your iPhone will confirm the locations of various registered sex offenders in a given area.

You can use it ya hood.

You can use it at the park.

You can use it at you grandma house.

You can use it on a plane.

You can use it in the rain.

These people have this fool sounding like a cracked out country version of Dr. Seuss.

They also have him looking like Aunt Jemima’s wayward transgendered grandchild.

But, I shouldn’t be surprised by the antics of any group that would slap a Wikipedia citation on the screen to validate their claims.

Before you even suggest it, I checked it out and this is indeed for real. This is not a sketch, this is an actual commercial for a product being sold to iPhone and Android users. You can check it out, here. Don’t be shocked if they start selling limited edition rape whistles, too. If a live is spared that type of horror, does it matter how it’s sold to them? Seriously.

I know Antoine is making money he very likely would’ve never had the opportunity to make if not for the generosity of some kind people (likely white) who know how to make a buck off of seductive stereotypes.

Honestly, if you told me my student loan debt could be cleared if I won a fried chicken eating contest on national TV, I’d probably poke Al Sharpton in the eye with the winning wing if you caught me on a bad day. At the same time, it’s irritating to see people become willful participants in their own exploitation. Especially when they have no idea that they are.

I can’t get mad at him using what he got to get what we want. But dear boy, make the money don’t let it make you.

I sure hope he’s pocketing a heavy chunk of this money and will use it for the greater good.  Like opening a hair salon or Fat Burger franchise. Something.

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