Keri, Keyshia, and Snuffy (Now Plus Rih-Rih)

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For those of you unaware, let the record show that I can give a compliment when it’s due. Of course, this fun fact is aggressively challenged whenever I happen to critique one of your favorites. Indeed, there’s always a few ready to sharpen their knives and chop my off my favorite typing finger.

Such is the case for my Keri Hilson post, in which some felt I’m too busy snuggling into Beyoncé’s left nipple for supper that I can’t notice good music when I hear it.

My opinion stands: The song sucks.

But, if it helps I think Keri deserves two points for the “Pretty Girl Rock” video.

In a word: Cute.

She’s paying homage to various female artists in a creative and cost-effective way. Less is more rings true when there’s some thought behind the action.

So, go Keri.

Now, while I have your attention let’s be clear that Keri is paying homage to Diana Ross versus the Queen. Ya’ll know that girl wouldn’t go there. I actually thought at first Keri was shouting out a drag queen and then it hit me. You know, “Oh, she’s talking about Ms. Ross.”

Or as my mama usually thinks of her, “That old drunk who could’ve let Florence sing.”

Those are my words to describe her sentiment, by the way.

Anyway, Keri wins in this video but some of her peers not so much.

From my understanding, Keyshia Cole’s video was only shot a week ago so this could be the unfinished product.

Or at least, I hope it is because people are noticing quite a few mistakes.

Like Keefy, who tweeted: “This Keyshia Cole and Nicki video is sooo cheap. Didn’t they shoot it like last weekend? They need to re-edit it. The funniest thing about the Keyshia vid is they like have images of cityscapes in it. And they are still TAGGED by Getty Images. LMAO!”

Surprised he didn’t note how Keyshia looks like one of Mary J. Blige’s old background dancers who finally got her break.

No matter how you spin it that shit ain’t cool. I will say, though, Nicki Minaj looks quite lovely. I prefer Keyshia a bit more demure but I’m not mad with her attempts at trying to go glam. “It gets better.”

But let’s go back to Nicki because she makes this song and video. I love how she constantly reminds Kimberly that her seat has been taken. It has and thank goodness – it was collecting dust.

And again, doesn’t Nicki look great, ya’ll?

Okay, that’s enough. I’m already on thin ice for my recent Rihanna post.

I am not a fan of this song outside of Nicki Minaj’s feature. Someone described it to be as sounding cheap. I agree with that and I’d like to add it’s rather oomphless.

It doesn’t make you want to bounce that ass or neck swirl in solidarity with Keyshia.

I was expecting Keyshia to give me something that would make me think about who I love and/or hate. This seems like some celebratory ditty “for the haters.”

That’s fine as an album track, but you don’t come back with this – especially when your last album wasn’t that well received.

Keyshia, I’m still curious about the album but you ain’t through convincing me to buy it yet.

As for Jasmine Sullivan’s video for “10 Seconds,” like Keri Hilson I think Jazmine has stepped it up from the last time I reviewed something of hers.

First, notice that it looks like Jasmine scooped up a few favorites from the Michael Jackson estate garage sale.

That’s fine, if you’re into that sort of thing. The video itself though has a storyline. If nothing else, I appreciate that so let’s applaud Snuffy (like from Sesame Street) for her efforts.

The response to her this go ‘round seems sort of lukewarm.  I can’t completely fault the public for that, though. I can only hope the album is strong enough to carry her.

Alright, that’s all I got until my new girlfriend Rihanna drops her new video with Droopy.

Edit: And she’s arisen.

I love this one most of all.

It’s cute, it’s simple and Droopy and Rih-Rih have chemistry. I mean, Drake looks like the bottom in this relationship but there’s chemistry all the same. Naturally, if I were Rihanna I’d still stick with Matt Kemp (look at him). Still, you get it and kudos to Drake.

One point for not wetting the set and a bonus point for not letting your hand steal the show (in this instance, that could mean a lot of things for you, sir).

This video makes me miss New York so much. Thank you and damn you all the same.

The most important aspect of this video is that it includes a random burst of dancing on a public sidewalk. Actions like that to me are what life is all about. It’s seriously one of my favorite pastimes.

So, very very soon will I be doing the same move to this song — though I’d probably get lower than Rihanna with it. You know.

If there’s anyone who knows how to guise a lazy body roll with aesthetic values and hot beats, it’s this girl≥

Good job, Rihanna.

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