Let’s Not Advocate Death Over Droopy

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I didn’t think people were still pressed about Michael Vick and assumed that the public was collectively over it. Now that President Obama has called the Philadelphia Eagles owner for giving Michael Vick another chance (along with creating jobs in the Philly area through cleaner energy initiatives) and all hell broke loose as a result of it, I know Team Boo Boo still has beef.

On one side anyway. I would certainly love to not make this an issue of color, but the anger directed at Vick on behalf of the cast of Goof Troop still appears to be overwhelmingly one-sided. Yes, there are some black people who wouldn’t mind hurling a dog bone at Michael Vick’s neck but they are in the minority.

I’ve seen plenty of slick comments directed at both Obama and Vick since the Obama story made the rounds, but it’s officially gone too far now that someone has said that Vick deserved to be executed as punishment for his participating in Puppy Wrestlemania.

Roll it:

Confession: I actually used to like Tucker Carlson.

That is, as much as one can like a person you typically disagree with on nearly every single political issue known to man. Even though I didn’t usually agree with him, I could appreciate the way Tucker articulated his viewpoints. Plus, I never hated the bow tie the way everyone else did. I was hoping I’d one day spot him selling a bean pie on MLK in a gesture to help advance race relations, but no such luck. Dream deferred notwithstanding, Tucker still never really bothered me.

Whatever feelings I had about Tucker then are completely gone now as he’s proven himself to be just as ridiculous as most of his co-workers on that network he know tries to salvage his career as a pundit on.

“I’m a Christian, I’ve made mistakes myself. I believe fervently in second chances. But Michael Vick killed dogs and he did in a heartless and cruel way. And I think personally he should’ve been executed.

From one cagey Christian to another.

There are so many different ways to look at this. I could start by pointing out the hypocrisy in Tucker claiming to be a Christian that is a strong advocate for forgiveness and second chances but being ever so willing to call for the death of a man over for a mistake he’s since greatly apologized for. A mistake largely associated with cultural differences rooted in class and education. As in the kind of mistakes where “each one, teach one” would be a lot more helpful in fighting the problem more so than “die bitch, die.”

Tucker Carlson is exactly like the kind of Christian I can’t stand: One who claims to be a part of the faith but doesn’t really practice any of its core teachings (which aren’t as debatable as others).

Someone email this to Tucker: “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.” That’s Ephesians 4:32. It’s a really sweet sentiment, though these days I’d rather just leave my sentiment to, “Bitch, shut up.” “God Bless You and stuff.”

I also really hope someone reminds Tucker that he is the same person constantly cheering on a woman who gleefully boasts about offing Rocky’s homeboy for sport and sometimes sustenance (don’t cha know).

But overall, what irks me the most about all of Vick’s recent critics is the general feeling that a lot of them care more about the loss of life of an animal than they do their fellow man — especially when he or is she is darker and/or poorer than the people they’re used to associating with.

I really do get their core point: Killing dogs is wrong. Yes, it is. So very wrong. Word to Droopy and the face on Drake he helped shape. However, how much longer can people – certain people at that – keep griping about this. He went to jail. He did his time. He’s back to work. He’s one of the few who’s able to actually do so. That is a good thing overall. Most ex-cons can attest to this. It’s too bad the people who live within their own linear view of the world cannot. I’m trying really hard not to rehash old stances, but really, some people simply don’t any better. Instead of continuing to vilify Vick, it would have been much smarter to use him to educate others about the ills of dog fighting.

Trust me, calling for his death now that he’s on top again (when many felt he got way too harsh a sentence) isn’t going to advance the causes of animal lovers to those unfamiliar.

Yesterday, a ‘die trend die’ themed piece for The Root I wrote was published. Had I known people were still stuck on Vick, I would’ve included this, too, under the caption: “Try giving this great a damn for a person in 2011.”

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