I Want To Ignore Their Kind, But I Can’t

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When I read about the Christian therapist in Britain facing the loss of her license over her claims that she can ‘cure’ change gay men, I had the obvious reaction:

According to Lesley Pilkington, she knows how to fight the feeling because her son is gay. Wait, her son is actually straight only he merely has a “homosexual problem.” A problem that can be linked to mental illness and the Devil.

Yes, Lesley is the kind of person you’ll likely find doing the same ole two-step.

Her solution to removing the gay from a man’s life?

Via the Telegraph:

The SOCE method involves behavioural, psychoanalytical and religious techniques. Homosexual men are sent on weekends away with heterosexual men to “encourage their masculinity” and “in time to develop healthy relationships with women”, said Mrs Pilkington.

She said she became involved “in this lifestyle treatment” because of her son. “I am not in this because I am judging people. I am in it because I understand what the issues are.

“I have been able to help my son. We have gone through a process in my family. I want to help others who are in a similar place.

“[My son] is still gay … we are developing a relationship that was quite difficult for many years but is now coming back in a very nice way. I am confident he will come through this and he will resolve his issues and that he will change.”

If you’re wondering, yes, I’m already thinking of a bunch of people I’d love to sit in a room with and “train” with.

By now I should be used to her kind and pay them no mind. It’s hard not to, though, given that they’re still so prevalent, and their influence, still commanding. It’s really hard to ignore them when you think about how increasingly ridiculous their recipes for the sexual preference remix are.

I don’t doubt Mrs. Pilkington when she says some men have come to her depressed and wanting an out. Given the collective attitude towards gay people – particularly gay men – it’s hard not to be depressed if you’re not surrounded by people who encourage you to accept yourself as you were made.

But, to sit around here and tell these men that hanging around a bunch of “manly men” will help them “encourage their masculinity,” thus, magically making them their alleged true straight selves makes me want to vomit on a vagina in protest.

Of course, I’d never do such a thing because it isn’t very “manly.”

Speaking of weeding off the “gayness” by teaching someone to be “manly,” has this chick never heard of the term “trade?” If not, can someone fill her in?  I would volunteer myself but according to homies like Fresh I am “the non-gayest gay person” she knows.

I do know one thing, though: Her theory is sadly one that many closeted gay people share.

As I’ve mentioned, I am a magnet for a special time of gay guy. As in the kind that’s gay men who doesn’t know it yet or one that does only pretends that their sexuality comes with an off switch. There’s also the “free spirited” ones who confuse the fact that just because they can insert their dick into a woman without it turning into silly putty that it cancels out their sexual preference.

I’m familiar, in fact so familiar I can assure that quite a few of them have tried to up the ante on their denial by trying to behave in ways considered to be harder. It’s not just the men either.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine hit me up to complain about a video featuring some “ex-lesbian” and now spoken word artist who now professes to be some big breeder (in the name of God…don’t say amen).

Much of her diatribe was fueled by a lot of criticism that had more to do with confusion over gender roles than certainty about sexual appetites. Naturally, she invoked the name of Jesus 97 times (well, for the first few minutes I saw anyway — I turned that bullshit off) for good measure.

Kind of like this ex-drag queen turned pastor who I saw over on Crunk + Disorderly.

This is my official review of his performance:

As you can see, he was literally scared straight. Or as Pilkington would like to call it, “encouraged to reflect more of his innate masculinity.”

I think his video is the biggest reason why I can’t ignore the people who claim they can cure people via Christianity.

It’s why I find myself at odds with the religion I was raised under. A religion that for a very long time in  was quite instrumental in my life. One of the biggest reasons I was able to accept myself and let go of the misery I felt about it was that steer away from the dogma that taught me all that came naturally to me was morally reprehensible.

When people talk about abominations and the random verses detailing homosexuality (which aren’t that many and some, highly debatable but I digress), it only makes me want to place further distance between myself and that religion.

I realize there are some people – far smarter than I am and much more versed in the Bible – who discount much of the popular opinion about gays and how God views us. Probably because they actually bothered to read the versus then research the history behind them instead of merely repeating what they heard from other people (who heard it from someone else, too). It’s why I tell people to watch the film, For The Bible Tells Me So, and then read more on their own.

People don’t read and even fewer can read, comprehend, and think analytically. I don’t care how snooty that sounds — it’s in response to ignorance that creates the climate to where people believe they have to succumb to glorified peer pressure to lead a more glorious life.

Even beyond that I’ve just never been one for biblical literalism in general. Like, an episode of Babar seems more realistic to me than a lot of what you might find in the Bible. Or at the very least, more applicable to life now.

I wouldn’t sell my disobedient child into slavery, tell a woman keep her dirty fingers off me while she was on her period, nor would I crack anyone’s skull for wanting a Bubba Gump cookbook all because it’s technically allowed in the Bible. But, both these queens can use that same book to say something about gay people?

Oh and the Christian capitalists. I could go on and on and on. The hypocrisy is abundant only most of the culprits go unaddressed. It’s hard not to want to remove yourself in response to that.

Honestly, I like God and Jesus seems amazing, but the whole lot of the other suckers out there irk the hell out of me. And I feel sorry for those who can’t see past this and as a result, force themselves to be people that they aren’t.

I would ignore all of this if I could, but no matter where I turn I see it and hear about it. Sure, Pilkington may lose her license. But there will be another like her. And another. And another. The same goes for the drag queen turned butch pastor. And both will have people come to them seeking aid under antiquated fables that more like idioms of their time than defiant words of God.

And it makes me angry…because I know that even if I don’t feel this way, I can’t escape it. In fact, I’m pretty sure of a few people actively praying that I meet a similar fate.

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