Yank This From The Internet

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If Flavor of Love 2’s Bootz had a baby with Da Band’s Babs and raised that child to believe that being the Heidi Fliss of Section 8 housing was the way to live, you would have this woman and her video.

I will give Lady credit for one thing, though. She makes an honest effort to objectify both men and women in her video for “Yankin’.” And when you consider she’s also objectifying herself as she talks about how her pussy be yankin’, you have to admit that she’s equal opportunity objectifier. Gon’.

No, really gon’ somewhere because this video makes me want to wrap a chastity belt around my eye sockets.

Not to question the black don’t crack theory during Black History month, but did anyone else watch this video and wonder if Lady has any grandkids? Or at the very least, a child who just dapped up puberty?

This has got to be one of the laziest hoe shit + hood anthems I’ve seen and heard in a long time. It’s like she’s not even trying. Hell, most of them probably aren’t but at least they are a wee bit more convincing.

I mean, these Negroes are sitting at a table eating hot fries and drinking Four Loko. I’ve seen Valtrex commercials with more sex appeal. Speaking of sex appeal, one and a half stepping to a slow beat while holding Hewlett-Packer printed dollars as you rhyme about your crouch isn’t doing anything for most men, right?

I’m going to go with no because most of the comments left about the video are promoting some other female and some imaginary sex tape. I know the random zoom ins to Hanes briefs and ashy ass cheeks didn’t do anything for me.

I could be just being bougie, though. I’ve never wanted to lick hot fries crumbs off anyone’s body as I drink grape or blue-flavored caffeinated beer. I’m fancy, huh?

And who is this, by the way? “She” looks a lot like Madea: The Early Years. Oh well, at least her weave was done. I can’t say the same for some of the other women in the video who have their new growth showing. Yes, I know what new growth means no. Go me.

As for Lady, just go away. Well, not until you explain to me what you mean about yankin’. For some reason all the chorus of this song did was make me compare a vagina to a garbage disposal. That probably wasn’t her intent so I need some clarification.

I look forward to you explaining it to me, Lady. Right after you curse me out and call me a hater on Twitter.

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