So I Finally Met The Queen…

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If you’ve read this blog for a while then you know Beyoncé is my beloved Lord and gyrator.

You also know that I’ve long felt like I was the only one I knew who hadn’t met the Queen. I would run into the other members of Destiny’s Child through work or just being out, but every time I was supposed to meet Beyoncé it fell through. My unlucky streak ended on Saturday after I finally – finally, finally, finally, finally – met her.

I have been smiling ever since.

I met her at the 2 Kings party. Basically, I was a plus one and despite one self-important jackass, hating ass fire marshals, and my own impatience I got to meet her.

Have I mentioned that I’m still smiling about it?

So we’re in the party, it’s packed as hell and we’re making our way through and my friends, “Michael, Beyoncé is coming this way.”

I didn’t see her at first, but I damn sure moved hoes out of my way.

Then my friend pointed at her giant bodyguard and she walked by.




A friend of mine asked, “Did you act like a stan or did you act like a normal person?”

This is a ridiculous question. Of course I acted like a stan. If you don’t act like a stan when you meet Beyoncé then something is wrong with you. Fuck I look like.

For clarity, this friend isn’t particularly fond of Beyoncé.

I know, I know: I don’t get people like that either.

I told him that he has a disability. All people who don’t like Beyoncé do. I used to think it was simply just a character flaw, but no, it’s far worse.

It’s not the kind of disability that gets the a guaranteed parking spot either. No, their asses gotta park way in the back and do a walk of shame on behalf of their taste levels. That kind of disability.

I pray for you lost souls who suffer from this minuscule epidemic (most people are up on game), but keep that mess away from me. I ain’t ’bout that life.

Okay, now back to the Queen.

First, I looked at her and did a bow. I couldn’t do a complete drop and bow because it was too many people. I did the best I could to pay homage to royalty. I think she appreciated it.

So, I tapped her and said, “I’m from Houston.” Then she looked at me and smiled, “You from Houston?” I went, “Yeah and actually my brother went to Johnston with Solange. Same year.”  She touched me after and was like that’s cool.

She was not being fake either. Her smile and the way her voice raised was genuine.

Beyoncé smiled at me. Beyoncé touched me.

Do I sound like I’m ready to go, “Selenas! Selenas!” at any minute?

Who gives a fuck. This is Beyoncé. I’m allowed.

Especially after I asked for a hug and she gave me one.

Beyoncé hugged me.

Hold on, let me repeat that a couple of times just so I can let that settle in.

Beyoncé hugged me.

The Beyoncé.

The queen.

Hugged me.

Breathe. I’m smiling even harder just thinking about.

Then she went on her way as I proceeded to fall into a state of euphoria.

I’m not really the starstruck type. At all. I’m kind of trained not to be. But, I’ve been in love with Beyoncé since she was doing the south side in the “No, No, No” video.

I totally shouldn’t do that given the kind of work I do, but what the fuck ever. Y’all read that miserable student loan post a few weeks back. I deserved this.

For the record, Beyoncé is even more beautiful in person. Goodness. I’m smiling again. Big teeth game proper.

Someone said the nicest thing to me via DM on Twitter: “I love it! Now that you have been touched by Beyoncé, everything you touch will turn to gold. NY Times bestseller…”

That is so true. I feel like a better person already. Yes, because Beyoncé touched me.

One more thing: While I was there someone recognized me from my site. She was super duper sweet. If you’re reading this don’t curse me out. I forgot you name, but I remember you were from Houston, you’ve been in LA for a year, and you were very kind towards me and my work and I’m so grateful for it.

Over the last year there have been people in different places who have recognized me from this site. I have an idea of how many people read the site, but never who exactly is reading — you know? When people stop me to say they enjoy my work or think I’m talented and have a future it is really encouraging. Sometimes it can get really rough, but I feel like I’m getting closer.

I know my updates have become a lil’ more infrequent, but that’s due to me working on things. Yes, I want a New York Times best-seller — among other things. I never like saying that publicly, but you know. Working on trying to take it to the next level.

This makes me only want to push myself even more. That way, I can keep meeting Beyoncé and then get to the point where we can sit in the bed eating Popeye’s chicken while talking about boys and scripts and stuff.

Don’t shade my dream. It can happen.

Alright, story time is over. I’m about to go do a celebratory dip it, pop it, twirk it, stop it. And smile some more.

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