You Sent It: “Imma Homo”

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You sent it and I now question whether or not many of you all secretly hate me.

And here I thought GaGa was patronizing.

Just the other day I was telling a friend how unfortunate it is that so many gay artists – particularly lesbians – opt not to be themselves despite the fact that anyone with eyes and at least one working ear can note the obvious. Now this video has been sent to me and I’m now wondering if I should buy a padded lock for the closet the not-so-secretive lesbian rappers in question share. Maybe they were on to something.

Or not, but still.

In some ways, I’m really happy that there’s a video of gay people being comfortable if not flat out boastful about who they are. Yet, this video reminds me of why I often find myself alienated from much of the gay community.

I’ve never liked that rainbow flag, I don’t like calling myself a faggot, and I’m not a fan of illustrating pride via embracement of a bevy of stereotypes.

Seriously, this is kind of like me celebrating black pride by eating fried chicken and picking watermelon sides out of my teeth while blasting Project Pat on the porch of plantation.

Not to mention, these women seem to articulate gay pride by promoting the very negative attitudes about women that male rappers do. You got chickens, and you got all the clothes and mannerisms of the very men who have made life hell for you and the people you claim to be celebrating in this clusterfuck of clichés.

There are even more contradictions in the video.

There’s the rapper who shouts out “her faggot family”, but minutes later is essentially indirectly scolded by another rapper who  declares that she’s not a “fag” or a “pervert.”

There’s also the rapper who says, “Yeah, I’m a homo but we all got our vices.”

Homosexuality isn’t a vice, it’s who you are. It’s the sort of vocalized stupidity that makes one wish they had a spray to spread strep throat when necessary.

Worse is D’Monte: “Next time you see me don’t forget the butt plugs. Six colored click, come holla at a real thug.”

What in the hell does any of that mean? No wait, I don’t want to know. I’ll let that one remain a mystery.

In the previous post I noted a new rating system to judge songs that I like. It seems I also need one to show how much I hate the ones that I wish were never created.

On a scale from 1-5 I hate “Imma Homo:”

…this much.




Really, though. A part of me worried if I was being too harsh on the song. Then I played it again. No, gay people are not a monolith but I resent this video and its gimmicky form of acceptance all the same.

Consider me a homo who expects more than that.

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