Hand Clap For Kelendria

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Can you stop what you’re doing and give Kelly Rowland a slow hand clap for her new video?

Seriously, this is by far the best solo video Kelly has ever shot. When I first heard “Motivation” I wasn’t really enthused by the track. I actually wondered if Eeyore suddenly got into producing music. About a week ago, though, I gave the song another listen and became hooked.

After watching the video, I have to give Kelly even more praise. She did good. Finally. Kelly has been like that friend (in my head) you just know could do some amazing things if she finally got it right. This is is a nice start. Granted, that start should’ve probably happened in 2002 but let’s just stick to the here and now.

There are so many good things to highlight. Like, the video doesn’t like it wasn’t funded with hopes, dreams, and coupons.

And we finally get to see Kelly dancing again. For a while there I thought she forgot she had any rhythm. Plus, she looks great throughout the video. Her hair looks fresh off the plane and/or boat, her body looks really nice, and her skin is glowing.

Don’t get any false hopes now. This is game peeping game. Nothing more, nothing less.

I feel like this is the video Keri Hilson should’ve made with “The Way You Love Me.”

See, Kelly’s orgy is classy. Well, as classy as I assume an simulated orgy can get.

In Kelly’s video you get the sense that they’re using condoms. By contract, in Keri’s crotch-rocking clip it looked like the theme of the treatment was a bunch of horny people high off hormones and Four Loko’s got a bit carried away and only had one Lifestyle condom to pass around.

See what I mean? Less is more sometimes. Okay, let me leave Keri alone. I don’t want her thinking I hate her ’cause she’s so damn beautiful.

Basically, I think a lot of artists try way too hard when it comes to selling their sexuality. Kelly’s video isn’t overdone. It has the tasteful amount of smut for people who sometimes find themselves bodyrolling at the gym but would never p-pop. You know, because that’s how we motivate ourselves.

Go you, Kelly. Go you.

Now all of you have to do is make sure you perform this song live with some oomph and some good prerecorded live vocals. Just in case. No offense.

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