She Runs The World, You Run Your Mouth

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There’s always going to be silly criticism about Beyoncé, but sometimes I wish I could borrow her fan to blow some of your asses away.

I have longed accepted that not everyone will like Beyoncé.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I think people like that suffer from some sort of personality disorder. Be that as it may I respect people’s right to deny greatness and available medication from their virtual pharmacist, iTunes.

What I don’t cut for her is the notion of coming for the Queen’s throat over an unfinished demo.

Such is the case for Beyoncé’s new single, “Girls (Who Run The World).”

The version that was leaked yesterday is not the finished product. Not surprisingly, that fun fact hasn’t stopped people from writing soliloquies about how it’s time to lock Beyoncé out of the studio based on what they’ve heard.

I don’t really care if some folks don’t like it ‘cause everyone else will.

What does irritate me a bit, though, is one aspect of the criticism largely centered on the idea that her single and its lyrics aren’t “deep enough.”

If you’re looking for the meaning of life from Beyoncé I need for you to go and let your forehead kiss the sidewalk.

She is a pop singer and every so often a pop singer wants to release mindless music that people like me can shake their asses to in the club, gym, car, sidewalk or restaurant.

I don’t want to hear “Heal The World” or “One Sweet Day” from her all the time. God blessed her with those thighs and her jig for a rea-son.

If you want something more of depth or “grown up” theme, go turn on Adele. Or maybe play the first side of I Am…Sasha Fierce.

In the meantime, stop acting like Beyoncé owes you “mature” (re: old lady) music for the rest of her career because she’s 29.  Folks tend to be really harsh on females when it comes to telling them to “act their ages.” Beyoncé gave you all a bit more substantive music on the last album. This time she wants us to twirk something.

Let her live and the kids live. Damn, buzz killers.

Even worse, I’m annoyed with people who say Beyoncé’s “too grown” for the lyrics of “Girls (Who Run The World)” yet still sing along to the same cliché-riddled bullshit a bevy of male rappers and R&B singers produce.

But I guess it’s okay for Kanye West to perpetuate that sexist nonsense about what he taught your pussy. Yeah, I thought so.

The same applies to those who say they’re tired of her “female anthems.”

Empowerment through materialism can grow a bit irritating after a couple of – uh, centuries – but at the same time, eh, we live in America. And again, she’s a pop star. What are you expecting? The Secret over a Diplo beat? Next.

Maybe the song isn’t the end all, be all to women, but I when I come across nonsense like this on my Facebook homepage I’m reminded of why she keeps trying (in her own way):

“I kinda disagree with the song..girls don’t run no world, not all girls make 300 million a year…some bitches actually need a man…”

For the record, I am not friends with this fool. It’s on the page of someone else I’m friends with. May his balls turn into mush.

There are other claims that are less dumb but still asinine all the same.

Over the past few months I’ve seen comments like, “I hate that’s she poaching Frank Ocean. He’s underground, leave him there.”

Yes, because the guy who has written for Justin Bieber totally wants to be an outsider.

Or the tried and true (not to mention tired) retort from a Beyoncé detractor: “Do you like everything she does?”

Yes, because I’m so obsessed with Beyoncé that I think her body odor should be sold as deodorant.

I hate when people say this to me.

I also hate, “If X artist did this you wouldn’t like it.” Well, X, Y, and Z ain’t B so I don’t see the point in mentioning that. It’s one of those things that only sounds good in someone else’s head. Not every artist is as interchangeable as some think. That’s why there’s Beyoncé and there are the lessers.

Both are petty ways of deflecting from the obvious: Sometimes people’s criticism of Beyoncé doesn’t make a lick of sense.

Especially when it’s criticism unfounded. So I hope you deniers at least wait until the final version drops before you buy a Master Lock.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get up and do this to the song as I wait for the real thing to be released:

“I think I need a barber, none of these bitches can fade me.”

I’m putting this in my wedding vows. Or tombstone. Pay homage.

P.S. Spare me that talking point about being tired of me writing about Beyoncé, too. Accept me for who I am.

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