Not Today, Neffe

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I wish more people would realize that it’s okay to work at a bank. That way they could save themselves from embarrassing situations like Neffe’s “You Ain’t Did Nothing.” Bless Neffe’s well-meaning heart and abundantly fertile body, but this isn’t the move. Hell, it’s paraplegic.

Maybe times have gotten harder for her now that The Way It Is is officially long gone and the fact that not even Jesus holding a winning lottery ticket covered in bacon could get Frankie and Neffe back on BET. I understand the struggle, but there’s got to be another way.  A way that provides health care to Neffe’s [insert large number here] kids, which a rap career doesn’t typically provide.

In her defense (cherish this sentence, I don’t dare defend her for this in any other one) I can see why Neffe would think a career as a “rapstress”  is not as far fetched as common sense and a bill collector might suggest.

Just yesterday while browsing the Web for stories to write for work, I listened to Ice-T’s interview with Shade 45 in which he explained the current rap landscape and the difficulties (or lack thereof) of breaking in. On how he’d go about pursing a rap career now versus 20 years ago, Coco’s lover for life said, “It would be easy to me today because it doesn’t really require any backbone or anything that comes from anywhere. It’s just if you can sing along with the beat, it’s cool.”


That reality is surely not lost on Neffe, only someone should have pulled her to the side and let her know that Bow Wow has a greater chance of becoming pregnant by Antoine Dodson than she does at having a successful rap career.

I don’t say that to be mean (well, cruel) because I kind of like Neffe. She means well. But, I wish she’d take her well meaning ways to a career counselor or a prayer book.

The same goes for her background singer. I don’t know whose cousin that is, but she makes Keyshia Cole sound like Mariah Carey. Actually, I bet Mariah belted better notes mid-push yesterday than this poor soul does on this song. It’s as if she took the key, put it in a choke hold and decided to bitch slap it into oblivion.

Neffe, you ain’t did nothing but give your sister a reason to laugh with this Ripley’s Believe It Or Not style of rapping. Not too hard of a laugh, though. I’m sure you heard Keyshia’s last album. Y’all all could use a bit of musical direction right now.

Thank you, Jia.

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