Back Then Braxtons

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I have no idea why Bravo ended up passing on Braxton Family Values. That show epitomizes all that is good about reality TV. While I do love each of the sisters and their little quirks and on-air tiffs, the more I hear Tamar Braxton go on and on (and on again) about wanting her chance at solo stardom (again) the more I think about the music from every Braxton not named Toni.

I’ve been playing The Braxtons’ cover of Diana Ross’ “The Boss” regularly for about two weeks now. It is the perfect song to spin around and be the occasional stereotype to. You know, if you’re into that sort of thing. I actually had their debut album, but for the life of me couldn’t remember this song or video.

I do remember their first single, “So Many Ways” and my favorite song of theirs, “Slow Flow,” but not this one.

Their songs weren’t as good as Toni’s, but in hindsight that wasn’t their only problem. For those of you under the age of or hovering slightly above 25 didn’t you think Tamar, Towanda, and Traci were much older than they actually were back then?

Maybe it was because I was still on the school bus and assumed them to be much older, but if Tamar is 34 now she had to have been barely in her 20s at the time of this video. Her sisters couldn’t have been that much older either. The way their people packaged them I could’ve sworn they were playing pitty pat with Patti Labelle in the ’70s.

Another thing I remember is a few folks making it seem like  they were such bugawolves when compared to Toni. Maybe a few of them look like Toni minus a few chromosomes now, but they weren’t mudducks then. If anything, I can actually see why the sisters pulled Traci to the side about her drinking in a recent episode. She was a lot smaller before she started throwing that brown back. And prettier!

I actually don’t see it for Traci or Towanda as solo stars, but I do see a missed opportunity for Tamar. I loved “No Disrespect” and “If You Don’t Wanna Love Me.” It’s a shame Tamar never got to be the star she wanted to be. I used to feel bad for her. That is, until I watched Braxton Family Values. Tamar may have all the right qualities to be a reality TV star, but those are the very qualities that makes it hard to take her seriously as an artist. Maybe she’ll get a spin-off in a year or so for her troubles. Something that chronicles her attempts to launch a solo career at 35. I’ll cop the iTunes single.

I’m getting a little sad about this show ending its first season so soon. They’re all kind of amazing. I’m happy they’re at least getting a second chance at some nominal level of success in entertainment.

As I wait for another episode to run tonight, I’m going to share a few of my favorites from their commercially unsuccessful catalog. Poor things.

Yeah, I didn’t know they had a video for this either. Or maybe I was too busy watching Toni check out Tyson Beckford in that weird wig or something.

Lord, she was signed to Dreamworks Records. No wonder only three people knew she had a solo album out in 2000.

She is not your hoe, your freak, or your trick. If only she had befriended Kandi Burruss. You can’t tell me that their styles wouldn’t have meshed well together.

Oh well.

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