YouTube Wives

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Disclaimer: The video below contains lots and lots of cursing not to mention speech that will have you suddenly thinking about buckets of chicken.

Doesn’t this make you want to hug a copy of O magazine at the grocery store?

I blame Her Royal Crunkness, Fresh, for bringing this to my attention. I haven’t a clue as to who this girl is, but only a few minutes into watching the clip could I figure out her deal. Before you even ask, of course I didn’t watch all 13 minutes of her diatribe. In recent months I’ve had both an eye and ear infection. I’ve made a vow not to try my luck. Still, when things like this come my way I can’t help but comment — mainly because I know this video is the latest incarnation of a growing phenomenon.

As much as I try to avoid it, it’s hard to ignore the number of women who clearly have watched one too many episodes of Basketball Wives and Bad Girls Club with a green eye and subsequently embraced their inner copycat. That coupled with the collective obsession with fame (or at least infamy, which is same difference for many now), status and lives that mirror a cliche-ridden R&B/rap song explains why more people are choosing to stunt on their Web cam program for the entertainment of strangers versus having a phone conversation with whoever pissed them off. The latter option doesn’t make much sense to folks of this particular ilk anymore. I mean, nobody’s watching so what’s the point, right?

Seriously, see the description of this video:

Miss Hawaii discusses relationship with Duke University’s Kyrie Irving. Kyrie Irving and Miss Hawaii met on twitter and dated for a short time until Kyrie became too obsessed with her with harassing phone calls/text messages.

That’s actually a pretty succinct description. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say this was an audition tape for a reality show. Or if nothing else a ploy for more Twitter followers. She seems to place much value in that as she makes known that she has a bunch of ’em. As a writer I totally understand so I don’t knock her for it. She does and says all the things many (but not me) do to get more of them, too. She’s calling herself a goon, showing off her bowling bowl size breasts, and quipping tried and true lines like the prostitute promoting, “I’m not showing my pussy to anybody unless you paying.”

And of course, she quotes Big Bird Evelyn Lozada. For her sake, I hope she’s flipping those followers into something that folds in her wallet. Then again, maybe not. The more “success stories” this sort of thing generates, the more likely it is to never ever stop.

I am well aware that I’m being a wee bit judgmental so I have to call myself out, too. Am I part of the problem for watching the reality shows that create spinoffs like this? It won’t make me stop checking out the shows, but I’ll at least know for future reference that as soon as the end credits roll my Catholic guilt needs to kick in. I’m asking in earnest. I enjoy Tami battle the temptation to snatch Evelyn’s wig on VH1, but I wouldn’t if the only camera around them was one hanging above a Dell computer. So y’all weigh in, but no matter how you feel do one more favor: Make sure you don’t send me the next episode of YouTube Wives.

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