She and Them

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I first heard about Odd Future several months go. I don’t remember how the group was described to me. I can only recall not caring enough to do any real digging afterwards. This despite seeing Tyler The Creator’s tweets in my timeline (which actually made me less incline to explore these dudes musically), falling into the Frank Ocean fan club, and coming across repeated articles about just how daring, bold, creative, or vile (depending on who you asked) OFWGKTA was. Yes, I’m only realizing the group’s full name is Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All and OFWGTKA is the acronym many people use when referencing them. Forgive me, I only bothered to listen to an actual Odd Future song about a month ago.

The song – which shall remain nameless because I couldn’t name it even if you offered to pay me commission  – basically sounded like a bunch of teenagers who recently discovered profanity and epithets and wanted to join in the fun ’cause it’s all the rage. Overzealously, of course. Pretty much like the clip posted above. Naturally, that’s something super cute for the music critics to speak on.

Case in point (Via

But really, what the fk is the big deal about Odd Future?

They make their own beats: no samples. They are young and prodigal. They are anarchists — smart, and catchy ones. Their lyrics are dark and demented, and legitimately controversial.

I’ve long steered away from the music writing (professionally) so while I do love music and try to keep up, I don’t necessarily strive to do so if I don’t have to. In Odd Future’s case, I feel relieved because after finally breaking down and giving ’em a listen I heard a bunch of noise. As in: “KILL PEOPLE! BURN SHIT! FUCK SCHOOL!”


That song reminds me of this one dude I went to high school with. The one everyone assumed was the quiet eccentric art kid (at a school not at all unlike Eastside High, only its story was told in reverse) but ended up having a hit list of people he wanted to off. This OFTWAHWAH (wait, I forgot the acronym already but y’all know who I’m talking about) song sounds like the shit he would listen to while making his list. The difference being he’d actually kill people while these skater kids would opt to take out their frustrations on somebody’s dead pet.

For the record, back then I was kind to Ryan. I even said to once, “If you ever do lose it, don’t shoot me. I ain’t do shit to you.”

Anyway, I wasn’t all that impressed and was quite grateful that I am not in the position where I have to in order to pay for my Whole Food’s sushi orders. My first impression of Odd Future is they had a great affinity for Eminem’s more darker material and like any teenager or token attention whore, they wanted a reaction out of me. Yeah, I didn’t have a strong one either way. I will note now that they are interesting in a they must have gotten at least a B in some of their high school art classes sort of way. That’s not enough for me to donate a damn to their cause, though.

I’ll also acknowledge that Tyler can actually rap. Be that as it may, I don’t go out of my way to hear bitch, faggot, fag, fag, fag and musings on rape to a beat.

Today, I stumbled along this video:

Okay, so this doesn’t suck. Some of it is still “disturbing” but it’s a vast improvement from the other little bits of stuff I got from them. And apparently, you 90s babies love the hell out of them. I saw a retweet from someone that said Odd Future is better than The Wu-Tang Clan. While that’s not true, I guess I will finally give these folks a more in depth listen. I’m not sure where to start (Tyler’s album or some previous group effort) so I’m open to suggestions. Hurry up, though. I’m prone to forget about Odd Future all over again and proceed to get up and 90s bop to “C.R.E.A.M.” by the end of this sentence.

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