Where Da Melph At?

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The things people send me.

Anyone from Louisiana or in my case, Houston, has heard bounce music. I especially love bounce musi from the early to mid 1990s. You know, the really ignorant stuff I should be embarrassed to sing-a-long to but get over it less than a minute later. Among those song is “Punk Under Pressure” by Katey Red. Now, when I heard this song years ago I had no idea that Ms. Katey Red was born with a penis. You know, given most bounce artists didn’t have a video budget or at least the kind of pull to get their videos on any major music channel. I had no idea what she looked like so I had no clue. I don’t particularly care about Katey Red’s genitals one way or another so long as she keeps me entertained.

And trust me, this video entertains the hell out of me. When I finally did start going to go gay clubs – particularly the ones in Houston during breaks from Howard – I heard the latest from Ms. Red and her homegirl boy, Big Freedia. AsĀ danceableĀ as it is, I’m not the wobbling kind. I usually just stand there and appreciate observe. No offense to wobblers who read. Some of the people I love most can bounce that ass like a tectonic plate in heat. In fact, one has told me stories about him dancing on stage with Katey Red’s full encouragement as she looked on nearby. That story will be told elsewhere, though.

I gather because these folks are shooting for crossover success (well, as much as a transgendered woman with a regional sound can), we see girls wobbling in the video versus the typical dudes (whom I’ve often seen do it much better with my own eyes, but I digress). Oh well. They shall overcome…at some gay club on a street in New Orleans I’d likely be afraid to be at (the black gay spots tend to be in the worst areas, which I usually get over but New Orleans is a different animal).

In the meantime, I’m just gonna laugh my ass off at this entire video.

I see in the comments section on YouTube some people are rambling on that Dr. King didn’t die so dancers FAT, NAE, REEDY, KEEDY, TRELL, and KEE bend over and bust it open. Yeah, I’ve seen college educated people with professional careers do the same dance moves. I understand that the abundance of this sort of imagery versus a more balanced look at us is a serious problem, but uh, I like bounce music so whatever. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I am not about to get all heavy about a song called “Where Da Melph At?” by a transgendered rapper from New Orleans named Katey Red. Laugh or not. Toot it up or don’t. But, do peep Katey dressed like she’s showing off her Easter clothes collection. Also make note of the fan. She’s just her wig blowing in the wind, baybee.

Oh for those of you who aren’t familiar with bounce or “sissy bounce” as Katey and Big Freedia call it (and I abhor), feel free to check out the New York Times magazine’s wonderfully informative piece by clicking here.

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