Hey, y’all. I have a few new pieces for you to check out. The first is about the KKK trying to rebrand itself. Another is based on Creflo Dollar’s criticism of fleeing members of Bishop Eddie Long’s church. And then there’s one folks still suffering from Lauryn Hill Denial Disorder (but pay homage) and Howard Cain, who’s just suffering.

I especially like the first two mentioned. Speaking of, tomorrow morning between 8-9 PST I’m scheduled to be on MSNBC to speak about my article on the Klan. And tomorrow the Root podcast I participated in should be up. There I discussed my piece on Creflo Dollar and Eddie Long. Both are a first for me. Smile.

I will update with a link to the podcast once I know it’s up. And of course, updates here are coming soon. Smile one more time?

Edit: So here’s the clip of me:


Oh yeah, I have to follow up about something. I actually make a decent living, my point was that my private student loan payments are so extremely indecent and I wish they’d play a little nicer. How am I supposed to tip strippers and go go boys support the arts? I’m doing better because I’m working harder, but you know, I still plan to do this. Anyone with loan payments know what I mean. Thank you all!

Edit: Here’s the link to The Confab, the weekly podcast from The Root.


  1. Memphian says:

    Cain is to honesty what Lil’ Kim is to natural beauty.

    You said it best. Loved these.

  2. atelierboz says:

    Omg so excited for you

  3. Token says:

    Congratulations brother. I hope some of these moves put you in a better space financially. MSNBC is a really good look.

  4. TNR says:

    I feel so sorry for Bishop’s Long congregation. I’m sure this has been a horrible time for them. I pray for them and for Bishop’s Long. Settling out of court does seem like guilt to me. If he is indeed guilty hopefully he will ask for forgiveness and repent for his sins.

    As for Creflo Dollar I commend him for standing up for his friend. Personally we need to be quick to pray for our fallen leaders, family members, and friends for their faults and be less to judge, because we all have fallen short.

    With that said, Bishop Long is crazy to ask his congregation for more money to build more churches. He needs to take some time to rebuild his relationship with God, his relationship with his wife, and his congregation.

    Why must our preachers have to be poor? Where is it in the bible that says Jesus was this poor man? Preacher’s give up so much of their lives for their congregation God forbid that they drive a nice car. Why is that so wrong? I would want my preacher the leader of my church to be blessed. Why would I believe that God can bless me when he is not blessing the pastor the leader of the church?

  5. nowhere to go but UP!!! says:

    Continued blessings to you Mr. Arceneaux. God will continue to open up doors for you. Ask and you gon’ get it. Blessings are coming your way!

  6. Shannan says:

    Ahhh, that boy is famous!!!! Very well done on MSNBC (you did look a little like a deer in the headlights when the broadcast first started, but once you smiled, you were so adorable)!!

  7. ANONYMOUS says:

    You better go head witcha big ass teeth self! :D

  8. Kjen says:

    You did really well with discussing your KKK piece.
    Which medium do you prefer being on tv or writing?

  9. Charlae says:

    Love you. So proud of you!!! I want to see you soon–coming to visit LA this summer.

    You’re great. The end.