You Don’t Know If She’s A Hoe

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I have a soft spot for Amber Rose. Not because of that one magical moment a year ago when I got to dance on the soft spot of hers that’s made her a household name (well, at your cousins and ’em’s house). Clearly, that’s a case of the right pitch for the wrong player.

My affinity for Amber can be mainly attributed to the fact that she’s a rather nice girl. I didn’t need to meet her to know that. You can tell in her interviews and tweets. I do sometimes roll my eyes at some of her messages, but to her credit, I do that towards many people. Y’all remember “You’re As Deep As A Wad of Spit, Shut Up,” don’t you?

Her occasional make believe wisdom from a kitchen magnet moments aside, Amber seems cool. That’s why I wish she didn’t catch so much heat from folks. Much of it seems shortsighted. Take for instance criticism over her noting that there are young girls that look up to her.


What I say? Are we really feigning shock over the idea that a young girl would dare look up to Amber Rose as inspiration? If so let’s put things in perspective. Amber Rose is poor girl from the hood that’s fancy (huh) now because a famous man liked her. Y’all shocked she has admirers for that common tale?

If you really think about it, it’s not that different from those corny ass fairy tales, i.e. superficial, patriarchal, materialistic etc. Girls are sold the image of being “saved” at an early age and she’s but yet another instance of “the dream.”

Or as La puts it, “Isn’t this a Sex & The City episode?” You know, with much better production value. And lots of privilege.

I’m not passing judgment on that one way or the other, but realistically, the notion of Amber Rose inspiring some girl from a background not all that different from hers isn’t all that hard to believe. Are we clear now?

I hope so as I’d also like to get on this opinion that Rose is nothing but a hoe. Yes, she was a stripper, which obviously means she sold sexual fantasizes. Ditto for the sexually charged images of herself she’s given in magazine pictorials. Okay, but does that make her a hoe? Quite a few think so and the recent nude shots of Amber Rose toying with herself are being used to lend credence to said belief.

Amber says the pictures are more than two years old and are only leaking now due to an ex-employ she trusted snatching those pictures from her personal computer upon sight. Though that proves she may be far too trusting of people or even irresponsible for having those shots on her computer, does that really make her a hoe?

I understand that these days sexual voyeurism has taken us all to new and increasingly pathetic lows, but I don’t think the pictures alone mean she’s a tramp. Now if it’s later proven that she leaked these photos purposely for attention, I encourage each and every one of you to throw jabs at the speed of the dollars she used to collect at the strip club. But, if that ends up still not the case – and I think it will – then lay off the woman.

Some of you all might be following the Lord’s law as instructed (probably not, though, if you’re reading this but alas…), however, not all of us are. Some people use technology to titillate. Such is life. We can go back and forth as to whether that’s wise yet such a discussion is highly suggestive. Some men will say Amber Rose isn’t worth “wifing” because of shots like these, but if you look at the statistics for marriage that seems to apply to most women regardless of their Kodak moments.

As for those women ready to condemn Amber, I hope you’re calling Kanye West a hoe, too. And Chris Brown. And whatever other man that has snapped a shot of their penis for show and tell.

For the record, I don’t appreciate you calling me a hoe. Neither does Anthony Weiner (he’s on his own, though).

I especially hope none of you have ever engaged in such scandalous behavior since you’re so quick to criticize others. Actually, I take that back. I’d rather you be a hypocrite than a sexually inept bore. Those types don’t let anyone have any fun without reenacting The Scarlet Letter. Case in point.

I can totally understand why snapping these kind of pictures (with your heads visible, no less), but the kind of criticism Amber Rose got even before these hit the Web reads as so harsh. Give that girl a break because unless you’re the visible vagina at the helm of the latest celebrity nude picture scandal, you don’t know the number of people who have taken field trips inside of it.

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