Try Again, Cali

For years now, I’ve shaded the state of California for lifting their dances from rappers in Dallas, Texas. And before you dare try it, see Lil’ Will’s Dougie and a dance called the rack daddy. Yeah, I thought so.

So yes, a few rappers out in sunny Cali have a problem with taking things that don’t belong to them. It’s shame, too, considering their rich history of originality.  However, I have to give it to California rappers: One of them has tried to come up with their own thing.

As soon as I giveth, I must now taketh away: This is the worst dance I’ve seen since that shit Missy tried to get us to do in the “Get Ur Freak On” video. I wish CaliKiddRome all the luck in the world with his rap career, but this dance isn’t the move. In fact, this dance looks a lot like that same move Chilli is always doing on stage whenever TLC performs.

I mean, technically it has all of the components of a mindless dance that would get kids and people like who me who should know better to embrace it. The song attached to it  offers a simple yet familiar beat. The song’s lyrical content is so dense that no one ever really remembers any of the lines until the song is playing (and even then it’s just the hook). Everything is there except the dance itself. The nonsense they’re doing in this clip makes you long for the sophistication of dances like “Laffy Taffy.”

By the way, I’d like to know what is Kel Mitchell doing in the video? Keenan is on Saturday Night Live and this is all you’ve got to do, man? Maybe they saw him drunk at a local taqueria and said to him, “Hey, wanna be in a video?” That’s the only way his cameo will make sense to me.

As for the other trendy folks who take part in the presentation of “G Swagg,” I’d like to note that I’ve actually seen fake Chad Hugo and the Justin Bieber impersonator out before. They were trying to have a House Party-like dance off at some random “fashion show” (that I went to see a friend…and an open bar). Had they not move like Kid ‘n Play high off too much medication for treatment of arthritis leg pain maybe more people would’ve joined in on the “fun.” All they did was sober me up.

I’m pretty sure California is much better than this. So with that said, I encourage the resident regional rappers to dust themselves off and try again. The G-Swagg isn’t going to happen. Trust me. No one outside of CaliKiddRome’s cousins are going to do this. He’ll probably have to pay his cousins in Fun Dip packets to do this on stage with him, too.

And Cali locals reading this blog, don’t take it as shade to you personally. You all still have the better weather and red velvet everything. Still, if you’re going to try and do a dance tune in the style of the South, you’ve got to do much better than this. Or hell, you know what? Go steal something else. Now I understand. Just pay homage this time.


  1. still ain’t original. that lil shimmy is the same dance Tia & Tamera perfected on Sister, Sister.

  2. chris says:

    You honestly know nothing about music if you think Cali rappers steal from the South. Do your homework and you will see that the South has ripped the West for the longest. Nobody cares about trendy dances like the dougie. You left out the fact that L.A. Has beautiful people. The south doesn’t unless you count South Beach. Cali is not just about the weather.

  3. Token says:

    Chris, what have Southern rappers stolen from west coast rappers? I listen to rap all the time and I cannot find anything that is a blatant jack move. Quietly, the West Coast hasn’t had a strong music presence in the mainstream in years. Game and Tyga are cool most of the time, but Pac Div, Kendrick Lamar, and the Lil B’s of the world will probably never blow up. No hate just facts. I appreciate what Pac and NWA did for rap, but the west coast has been a player in the rap game for a ht minute.

  4. Token says:

    Correction: has NOT been a player…

    Your statement about women is VERY subjective. There really isn’t a way to determine which region has the most attractive women. It all depends on what you are looking for…

  5. chris says:

    I agree that the west has not made any major contributions to hip hop since the 90’s if you don’t include Dr.Dre as one of the best producers in hip hop no matter what region your from. If you listen to west coast hip hop from the late 80’s to the mid 90’s you can hear how it influenced southern rap. I’m sure Mr. Arcenaux has not taken a musical theory course or has even plays an instrument therefore his opinion on music is not valid. Let’s keep it real the only thing a girl in the south needs to be attractive is a fat ass. In NY and LA its very competitive when it comes to beauty. I travel all over the country and I just recently did a gig in Brazil so I know beauty and in the south its rare that I give most of the women a second look. Michael can jig all day but everything people in the south do is late.

  6. J says:


    “As soon as I giveth, I must now taketh away: This is the worst dance I’ve seen since that shit Missy tried to get us to do in the “Get Ur Freak On” video.”

    Clearly you haven’t tried to crank dat roy.

  7. Cawlkin says:

    Cali’s influence on hip-hop is still felt. WE are the ones who started rapping about real life, feelings, emotions, anger, poverty, etc. We brought the REAL to rap, witout us niggas will still be on sum “RRRRRRAAAH” “Bah diddy bah” shit. That doesn’t change the fact this this shit sux!. If anything THIS is the south’s contribution to hip-hop….DUMB nigga music. Aside from the Scarface’s/Outkasts/Devin/UGK’s, the rest of the shit that comes from the south requires nothing more than a 3rd grade education to comprehend. Unfortunately, the Waka Soulja Boosie Gucci ass rappers have influenced the younger generation to be dumb, ingnorant and proud of it. DUMB nigga’s here in Cali are following that trend and making dumb nigga music with dumb ass dances. Disposable music, shit with no redeeming quality other than bobbing your head and killing off sum brain cells.

  8. chris says:

    I agree 100 percent with Cawlkin. The disposable west coast rap you hear today are the results of 90’s baby’s who are exposed to dumbed down southern rappers and didn’t live through the 90’s to see the west during its golden era.