It’s Never Ending, Eddie

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Two steps forward, two steps back. You closet homo, the media will never back away from the “attacks.”

And it’s a good thing, too, ’cause I think Eddie Long deserves every bit of bad press he’s getting. I had a feeling that whatever was to come of the sexual coercion lawsuit filed against him we weren’t going to know much else about it once a resolution was reached. That irritated me a bit given it helps prolong the discussion I think we collectively need to have about religion and sexuality. And of course self-hating bigots like Bishop Eddie Long and the effect their ant-gay diatribes has on the community at large.

I can at least take a consolation prize: This bad-toupee wearing sum’bitch is still being put on blast.

I know it’s not right to take enjoyment in other people’s misery, but Bishop Long has said such vile things about gay people that I can’t help but smirk a little at him reaping what he sows. And judging from Fox News 5’s report, he’ll be reaping for a little while longer.

Now, it’s kind of clear they could care less about Centino’s music and judging from the snippet of “Pornography,” I don’t blame them. Shoot, they’re kind of playing him on the low over it. But at least he’s getting promotion he otherwise would never have gotten — unless he won some Neffe lookalike contest or something. More importantly, even if he won’t comment on anything directly at least another name and face is being added to Long’s seemingly lengthy history of sexual relationships with men despite spending much of his career condemning such behavior.

Even before this all broke out I knew that fake Bishop wasn’t worth the pew he spewed from. Here, here for more folks doing their parts to prove it.

In the meantime, do check out some of the articles I’ve penned about that pathetic moron:

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Gon’ head, it’s not like you’re about to go search for Centino’s “Pornography” on iTunes or YouTube.

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