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I haven’t said anything about Hillary Rodham Clinton on this site since the presidential primary. She irritated the hell out of me with her false senses of entitlement and embracement of race-baiting politics largely spurred by her own desperation. However, while I did criticize her politics I didn’t give a single damn to her affinity for pantsuits. Even as a child I felt that sort of criticism was stupid and shallow. Over time I realize how ridiculously sexist it was to boot.

Frankly, it’s not surprising to see a bunch of tragic straight men act like Hillary Clinton wanted to single handily rip every man’s dick off because she wasn’t your cookie baking spouse. I suppose it’s not surprising to see an older gay man fall in line with that patriarchal view, too, but it’s no less disappointing.

As Jezebel pointed out, he paid lip service to Secretary of State Clinton’s long list of accomplishments before going into some trivial rant about the way she dressed. He hissed, “Why must she dress that way? All these big, baggy, menswear tailored pantsuits.  I think she’s confused about her gender!”


Not long after he added, “No, I’m really serious, she wears pantsuits that are unflattering.” And before you know it George Lopez – the embodiment of physical fitness himself – chimed in about her cankles. To wit, Tim Gunn explained how she ought to hide them.

This from a person ranting about respect.

To suggest Hillary Clinton is confused about her own vagina because she often opts to wear pantsuits is by far one of the dumbest things I’ve heard in a good while. The gotcha, gotcha is by definition Tim Gunn doesn’t fit the conservative gender roles he perpetuates given he’s gay. Plus, the fact that he works in fashion. To people with similar limited concepts of how men and women should dress and behave his industry is just as big a grievance as her clothes are.

Gunn finished, “I have great respect for her intellect and her tenacity and for what she does for our country in her governmental role. I just wish she could send a stronger message about American fashion.”

George Lopez followed with, “Well said.”

Not especially.

Tim’s rant reminds me of why I liked Hillary Clinton to begin with. The fact that she doesn’t care about what she’s wearing. I would hope the person who represents the country on its foreign affairs would not be so invested in how she looks, particularly given how America is about as popular globally as Hillary Clinton’s pant suits are to Tim Gunn.

Could she be better dressed? Yeah, but so what if she’s not.

I don’t understand men like Tim Gunn. One would think a gay man of all people would understand the problem with heteronormality. And yet, whenever I hear Tim Gunn speak about other people’s choices in fashion the more I see what a traditionalist he is. I also make note that he really needs to shut the hell up sometimes.

Let the Bulky Suit Bandit do her. The same goes for everyone else swinging back and forth from her bra strap over her pantsuits. And if they don’t, lucky for her she has something better to do.

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