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Up until a few minutes ago, my last blog post was called “My Rash Does Not Have Syphilis,” in which I discussed the possibility of having a skin disease. Maybe I wasn’t clear enough in that post, but I’ve been a bit preoccupied. I should also note that since then I’ve had some other health issues. I alluded to that on Twitter when I asked for people’s prayers and happy thoughts, though I subsequently deleted any cryptic messages referencing what the problems actually were. I still won’t share that now, but I will say that I’m fine. However, it’s been a very difficult month or better yet, several weeks. Weeks where it started with headaches and heavy breaths that later went on to fears of skin diseases, then something far, far worse, and a genuine fear my life would be different and possibly end shorter than anticipated. I can say that I’m fine now and advise people to not only have health insurance, but work with a doctor who isn’t a dimwitted cunt. Or doctors, I should say.

As for the lack of updates, some of you have been understanding and a few have even reached out to me via email, Twitter, and Facebook to see if I was okay. You know, given my highly opinionated and talkative self has been relatively quite for longer than usual. Others, though, as I’ve noticed today, weren’t so understanding. With all due respect, if you’re leaving messages like “Where are you? Do I need to delete you?” in a post pointing to a health problem and a professional slip, well…I’ll be kind not to say anything other than thank you for being interested in what I have to say. Well, I did almost call this entry here,  “Bitch, I Was Too Busy Fearing For My Fucking Life.” But that wouldn’t have been right. I appreciate your support, but to be honest, if you read me and you read that post, come on.

Whatever, I am posting again and if there’s any other reason for a break be it for professional or personal reasons, I’ll explain. I usually do, but there’s been some very unique circumstances lately. I thought that was implied.

Again, thank you. I do appreciate the interest in my writing no matter what. Oh and I finally joined Tumblr. It’s called Fried Fish and Feelings. You can checked me out in a more concise way here.

P.S. No, it wasn’t an HIV scare. Don’t stereotype me anymore than I already have been lately.

P.S.S. That dermatologist still thinks I look like Chris Rock. Yeah, I don’t get it either.

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