Boo! (Two)

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If Hollywood can remake Sparkle and In Living Color, I can rehash another post. Keeping with the theme of the day, here’s the return of Boo! It’s all things spooky to me or what ought to be spooky to those mentioned below.  Look, I don’t eat candy so let me have this.

1. Ray J’s current thug level.

2. This audience.

3. Wait, actually, this audience.

4. Die hard NBA fans.

5. Anyone who actually believes in the idea of “post-blackness.”

6. Any woman that breaks Drake’s heart.

7. The way Tyra Banks thinks.

8. The contestants of America’s Next Top Model: All Stars subjected to Tyra Banks’ thinking.

9. People who like Lil’ Wayne’s “How To Love.”

10. The fools who falsely believe that they are in the top 1% because they can still afford to supersize their extra value meals.

11. Anyone advising Rick Perry on his presidential campaign. Is this fool drunk?

12. Jurnee Smollett doing a Tyler Perry movie.

13. Reality stars like Catya from The Bad Girls Club, who boast in interviews (while on bail) about ditching a future rap star to do a reality show like The Bad Girls Club as a “career move.” Oh and admit to fucking a rapper raw.

14. People who can’t let go of being a social failure in high school, and thus, use social media as an everyday bitch fest that loosely translates into, “Why don’t you love me?”

15. Those that actually believe that Newt Gingrich is a thinker.

16. LMFAO.

17. LMFAO fans.

18. Adele’s vocal chords if she doesn’t get off that tobacco addiction.

19. Europop.

20. Jackie Christie.

21. The state of black sitcoms.

22. Justin Timberlake the actor.

23. Gloria Govan’s face should Royce Reed get married before her.

24. The workload of Tyrese’s ghostwriter.

25. Single women being subjected to a bunch of dickheads and divorcees making money off made up reasons as to what’s wrong with them.

26. Nicole Scherzinger’s solo career.

27. Jill Scott’s fuck faces. I can’t tell if she’s ready to get some or upset over being served some bad BBQ sauce.

28. Draya Michele’s babysitter.

On Rihanna: “We thought our album needed the best singer in the world on it so we asked her very nervously and she said yes and it was a really great thing for us. We’re very grateful.”

29. Chris Martin.

30. Broke people who not only argue over which stranger is richer, but actually get angry enough to get physical over it.

31. This.

32. Anyone who thinks this is okay.

33. Life without turkey legs.

Many of your fellow actors, like Anthony Mackie and Samuel L. Jackson, were critical of the 2011 Oscars for having no black nominees and only one black presenter. Has it been difficult to be a woman of color in Hollywood?

I don’t live in that reality. That’s not how I was raised, and I choose not to think like the common people, because then you just become a person that’s half-empty. However, I do understand that there is a problem, and little by little, through evolution, we have been addressing it. But the race issue for me is secondary. The biggest battle that I have is being a woman in the world. That takes center stage for me.

34. Zoe Saldana’s views on race.

35. Church queens (fall into a trap door).

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